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Denmark Work Visa: Your Complete Handbook

Last Update: 11-06-2024

Denmark Work Visa

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Do I Need a Visa to Work in Denmark?
  3. Types of Denmark Work Visa for Indians
  4. Eligibility for Denmark Work Visa for Indians
  5. How to Apply for a Work Permit in Denmark?
  6. Denmark Work Visa Processing Time
  7. Denmark Work Visa Cost
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs


Moving to work in Denmark is a big step for many professionals especially from India. This guide will help you through the process of getting the right work visa for Denmark.

Whether you are a researcher, an entrepreneur or joining the Danish workforce under various employment schemes, understanding the application requirements, types of visas and the process is key. 

This guide will give you the information you need from finding the right visa type and application process to processing time and fees.

Do I Need a Visa to Work in Denmark?

Yes, as an Indian citizen, you will need to apply for a residence and work permit to work in Denmark, regardless of the type of employment—paid, unpaid, or sideline. The specific type of Denmark work permit required can vary depending on the nature of your job and your qualifications. Typically, these applications involve assessing your job offer in Denmark, your qualifications, and the terms of employment to ensure they meet Danish regulations.

Types of Denmark Work Visa for Indians

Here are the various Denmark work permits available for those seeking employment in Denmark, each tailored to specific situations and job types:

  1. Fast Track Scheme: For individuals with a job offer from a company certified by SIRI, this scheme allows for a quick job start and a flexible permit.
  2. Pay Limit Scheme: Applicable if you have a job offer with a salary meeting the minimum pay limit amount set by the scheme.
  3. Positive Lists: For those offered a job in professions experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals in Denmark.
  4. Researcher: If you've been offered a position as a researcher at a public or private research institution in Denmark.
  5. Employed PhD: For those employed as PhDs within study programs linked to Danish educational institutions.
  6. Guest Researcher: For individuals invited to Denmark as guest researchers.
  7. Special Individual Qualifications: For unique roles that require specific qualifications, such as artists, athletes, or specialised chefs.
  8. Herdsmen and Farm Managers: For those offered positions in the agricultural sector as herdsmen or farm managers.
  9. Start-Up Denmark: For entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea who wish to start and run their own business in Denmark.
  10. Trainee: For individuals offered employment in Danish companies for training or educational purposes.
  11. Certification: For representatives of Danish companies seeking to use the Fast-track Scheme for foreign employees.
  12. ESS Scheme: For those with job offers at the European Spallation Source research facility in Sweden who wish to reside in Denmark.
  13. Authorisation: For medical professionals like doctors, dentists, or nurses who need Danish authorisation to practice.
  14. Labour Market Attachment: For individuals who previously held a Danish residence permit and seek to regain it.
  15. Mobile Workplaces at Sea: For those offered employment on vessels like drilling rigs or ships that enter Danish territory briefly.
  16. Volunteer: For individuals looking to engage in voluntary, unpaid social or humanitarian work in Denmark.
  17. Sideline Employment: For those seeking a Denmark work permit for sideline employment.
  18. Work Permit during Residence to Obtain Authorisation: For those with a residence permit aiming to obtain a Danish authorisation and seeking a Denmark work permit for related training or employment.
  19. Work Permit for Accompanying Family Members: For family members of individuals working in Denmark who need their own work permits.

Eligibility for Denmark Work Visa for Indians

Denmark Work Visa Requirements

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a work visa in Denmark as an Indian citizen depend largely on the type of visa and the specific job offer. Here are the general requirements and some specifics based on different visa categories:

General Requirements

  1. Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the length of your intended stay in Denmark.
  2. Job Offer: You must have a job offer from a Danish employer. The nature of the job offer may determine the specific type of work permit you apply for.
  3. Salary and Employment Conditions: Your salary and employment conditions must correspond to Danish standards.
  4. Health Insurance: You must have or obtain health insurance until you are covered by the Danish national health insurance.

Specific Visa Types and Additional Requirements

  1. Fast Track Scheme: For employees of certified companies, offering faster processing. The job must meet certain salary and employment conditions set by Danish authorities.
  2. Pay Limit Scheme: Requires a minimum annual salary; the threshold changes annually but is significantly higher than the average wage in Denmark.
  3. Positive List: For occupations experiencing a shortage in Denmark. You need to have qualifications that match those listed as in demand.
  4. Researcher and PhD: Must have an offer to conduct research or a PhD position at a recognized institution in Denmark.
  5. Special Individual Qualifications: Unique skills such as those possessed by artists, athletes, or specialised chefs, which must be well-documented.
  6. Start-Up Denmark: Entrepreneurs must present an approved business plan to a panel for an innovative business idea.

For a comprehensive understanding of all specific conditions and eligibility criteria for a Denmark work visa, it's advisable to visit the official Danish government immigration portal. This resource provides detailed information on various visa schemes, necessary documentation, and application procedures tailored to different employment scenarios and individual qualifications. This is essential to ensure you meet all the requirements for your particular situation.

How to Apply for a Work Permit in Denmark?

Application Procedure for Work Permit at the Denmark Embassy in New Delhi for Indian Nationals

If you are an Indian citizen looking to work in Denmark here is a simplified guide to help you through the application process for residence and work permit.

First choose the type of work permit you need based on your job offer and eligibility. Each type requires different documents which can vary based on your job and qualifications. Check the New To Denmark government website for more information on different work permits.

For work permits apply online on the New To Denmark government website. Have all the required documents ready which may include your job offer, qualifications and any translations if your documents are not in English.

After filling the application form, pay the fees online. Fees vary depending on the type of permit and are updated every year. Print out the fee payment confirmation as you will need to present this at the Visa Application Centre.

Book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre to submit your application and biometrics. This appointment has to be booked after you have completed the online application and fee payment.

Visit the Visa Application Centre on your scheduled date to submit your application and have your biometrics taken. This includes fingerprinting and a photo.

Keep track of your application status online. Use the reference number on the invoice/receipt given by the Visa Application Centre along with your last name to access this service.

Once the decision is made collect your passport from the Visa Application Centre. You can pick it up in person or have it delivered by courier. If someone else is collecting it on your behalf they should have an authorization letter from you along with their government ID and a photocopy of your government ID.

Denmark Work Visa Processing Time

Denmark work permit processing times range from one to three months, depending on the specific type of application.

Visa TypeProcessing Time

The Pay Limit Schemes

1 month

The Fast Track Scheme

1 month

The Positive Lists

1 month


1 month

Start-up business

1 month

Work Permit during Residence for Authorisation

1 month

Job Seeking after Completed Educational Programme

3 months

Work Permit during the Job Seeking Period

1 month

Working Holiday

3 months


2 months


3 months

Work Permit for Accompanying Family

2 months

In instances where there are questions regarding whether an applicant's salary and employment conditions meet Danish standards, the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) may consult with experts such as regional labour market councils to assess the terms of employment. Such consultations can extend the Denmark work permit processing time of an application.

Additionally, Denmark work permit processing times may be affected by fluctuating application volumes, which can occur due to seasonal trends or other factors. This variability means that while there are standard service goals, actual processing times can vary.

Denmark Work Visa Cost

The cost of obtaining a work visa for Denmark varies depending on the type of visa or permit you are applying for. Here are the general fees for various types of Denmark job seeker visa:  

  1. Pay Limit Scheme: DKK 6,290 
  2. Fast Track Scheme: DKK 6,290
  3. Positive List: DKK 6,290
  4. Researchers: DKK 6,290 
  5. Start-ups: DKK 2,490 
  6. Internship: DKK 1,900 
  7. Sideline Employment: No fee
  8. Volunteers: No fee
  9. Authorisation: DKK 2,490

These costs reflect the fee for submitting the application and do not include other potential costs such as biometrics, health insurance, or the services of VFS Global, which may add additional fees.

Keep in mind that fees are subject to change and it's important to check the latest information directly from the NewToDenmark website or the Danish embassy or consulate where you plan to submit your application.


Getting the Denmark job seeker visa application process can seem overwhelming but with the right information and preparation it’s manageable. This guide has taken you through the steps, from choosing the right visa type to processing time and fees.

Remember the key to a successful application is preparation and following the guidelines from the Danish authorities. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a researcher or a professional looking for opportunities in Denmark, the path to your career in Denmark starts with understanding and correctly going through the application process.

Always stay updated with the latest information from official sources like NewToDenmark and consult with visa application centres if needed.