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How to Apply for a Denmark Tourist Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update: 02-03-2024

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⚡Quick Summary

Processing time for Denmark Visa

15 to 21 Working Days

Denmark visa fees

  1. VFS Appointment fees: INR 1,237/-
  2. Embassy fees: - 0 to 6 years old: No fees - 6 to 12 years old: INR 3,550/- - 12+ years: INR 7,120/-

Denmark visa validity

180 Days

Denmark visa stay duration

90 Days

How to apply for a Denmark visa

  1. Apply through Teleport in under 2 minutes
  2. Apply through VFS Global website.

Documents required for Denmark visa

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Passport 
  3. One Photograph 
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Travel Medical Insurance - Euro 30,000
  6. Flight tickets and Hotel Bookings
  7. Bank Statement (last 3 months)
  8. Income tax return (last 2 years)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Denmark Tourist Visa?
  3. Who Needs a Denmark Tourist Visa?
  4. How to Get Your Denmark Tourist Visa?
  5. Required Documents for Denmark Tourist Visa for Indians
  6. When Can I Apply for the Denmark Tourist Visa?
  7. What are the Financial Requirements to Visit Denmark?
  8. What is the Denmark Tourist Visa Fee?
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs


Planning a trip to Denmark? Navigating the visa process is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free journey. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of applying for a Denmark Tourist Visa. 

From understanding the visa requirements to submitting your application via Teleport or VFS Global Visa Application Centre, we've got you covered. Whether you're an Indian passport holder seeking adventure in Denmark or simply exploring the possibility, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to make your travel dreams a reality. 

So let's dive in and embark on the journey to explore the captivating sights and experiences awaiting you in Denmark!

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Get ready for a smooth journey to Denmark – Safe Travels!✈️

What is a Denmark Tourist Visa?

A Denmark Tourist Visa, officially known as the Schengen Visa, allows travellers to visit Denmark for leisure purposes, such as tourism, sightseeing, or visiting friends and family, for a short duration of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This visa also grants access to the other Schengen countries, making it an ideal choice for exploring multiple destinations in Europe.

Who Needs a Denmark Tourist Visa?

Indians holding an ordinary passport need a Denmark tourist visa before departing for their trip to Denmark. However, Indians with Diplomatic or official passports do not need a visa for entering Denmark.

How to Get Your Denmark Tourist Visa?

Apply for Denmark Tourist Visa with Teleport

To apply for a Denmark visa through Teleport, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Start Your Application

Visit Teleport's Denmark visa application portal and click on 'Apply for Visa' to begin.

Step 2: Provide Basic Details and Pay Fees

Upload scanned copies of your passport's front and back pages. You can either let Teleport autofill your information or enter it manually. Pay the visa fees through Teleport, choosing between full or partial upfront payment.

Step 3: Gather Required Documents

Teleport's relationship manager will help you collect all the necessary documents for your Denmark visa application.

Step 4: Schedule Your Appointment

Teleport's relationship manager will set up an appointment at the VFS visa application centre for you, based on your preferred location and dates.

Step 5: Visit VFS Centre and Submit Biometrics

Arrive at the appointed time at the nearby VFS Visa Application Centre to submit your biometrics and required documents. It's recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes early to avoid any issues.

After VFS forwards your documents to the consulate for review, they will make a decision and return the documents to VFS.

You can choose to have your passport delivered to your address or collect it in person from the VFS visa centre.

Apply for Denmark Visa at VFS Global Visa Application Centre in India

If you're applying for a Denmark visa directly through VFS Global Visa Application Centre in India, follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Visa Type

Identify the appropriate visa type for your trip and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Familiarise yourself with the required documents, processing time, and fees.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents for your Denmark visa. Refer to the document checklist for specific details.

Step 3: Begin Your Application

Fill out the online application form after gathering all required documents. For short-term visas, complete the form via ApplyVisa

If you are applying for a residence permit, Work or Study visas please use the online application form available on NewToDenmark

Step 4: Book Your Appointment

Schedule an appointment at the VFS Visa Application Centre for biometric data collection after submitting your visa application. 

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email along with your appointment letter.

If you're applying as a family or group, remember that each member must schedule their individual appointments.

Step 5: Pay Your Fees

Complete your appointment's service fees payment online before heading to the Visa Application Centre.

Step 6: Visit the Visa Application Centre

Print the appointment letter and payment fee receipt after completing your online application and payment. Submit your fully completed visa application form and documents at the designated Visa Application Centre.

Choose a Visa Application Centre

CityOperating Hours (Mon to Fri)


09:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 13:00


09:00 - 14:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 13:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 14:00


09:00 - 14:00


08:00 - 15:00

New Delhi

09:00 - 16:00


08:00 - 14:00

Step 7: Track Your Application

Use the VFS online application tracking tool to monitor the status of your application by providing the reference number issued to you and your date of birth.

Step 8: Collect Your Visa

Retrieve your passport from the Visa Application Centre once your visa application is processed. Bring the necessary documents for collection or authorise someone to collect it on your behalf.

For specific collection options and hours, contact the Visa Application Centre during their opening hours.

Required Documents for Denmark Tourist Visa for Indians

Mandatory Documents:

Appointment Letter

Must carry this letter with you on the day of your appointment.

Visa Application Form

Sign and bring the completed form with you on your appointment.

Original Passport

  • Valid for at least 3 months beyond your intended stay
  • Minimum of 2 blank pages. 
  • Include copies of recent visas and stamps if applicable

Visa Fee Receipt

Print the visa fee payment receipt


  • Recent colour passport-size photograph
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 3.5cm

Bank Statement

  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Duly stamped and signed by the bank. 
  • Minimum balance of DKK 350 per day if staying in a private home; DKK 500 per day, if staying at a hotel.

Cover Letter

  • Explaining the purpose of your trip,
  • Duration of stay,
  • Passport and travel details.

Travel Insurance

Covering a minimum of 30,000 Euros for the entire stay in the Schengen area.

Proof of Accommodation

Confirmed hotel reservations covering your travel dates, including reservations for other Schengen countries if applicable.

Proof of Internal Travel

  • Show proof of transport within the Schengen region, such as train bookings or car rentals. 
  • People joining cruise liner in the onward journey should provide the ticket and payment receipt

Flight Reservation

Proof of round-trip flights or intra-Schengen travel.

ITR (Income Tax Return)

Include ITR acknowledgment for the last two assessment years.

Supporting Documents:

If Employed

  • Recent payslips from the last three months
  • Employment contract and,
  • Holiday approval or leave letter from your employer.

If Self-Employed

Certificate of company registration.

If Retired

  • Pension statements for the last three months and
  • Proof of regular income generated by property or business ownership.

If Sponsored

  • Proof of sponsorship,
  • A letter from the sponsor, and 
  • A copy of the sponsor’s photo ID (e.g., passport, Aadhaar card, or driver's licence).

If a Minor (under 18 years)

  • Depending on the situation, provide written consent certified by a public notary from the other parent or guardian,
  • Photocopies of both parents' passports, and
  • A photocopy of the child's birth certificate.

If Student (aged 16+)

  • Copy of the student's college ID card and,
  • An introduction letter from their school/college/university.

If Married

Marriage Certificate or copy of ration card if applicable.

When Can I Apply for the Denmark Tourist Visa?

It's advisable to apply for your Denmark Tourist Visa well in advance of your planned travel dates. The earliest you can apply is up to six months before your intended travel date. However, it's recommended to submit your application at least 45 days prior to your departure to allow sufficient time for processing.

What are the Financial Requirements to Visit Denmark?

The recommended financial requirement for a Denmark visa application in India is typically DKK 350  per day per person(if staying in a private home) or DKK 500 per day per person (if staying at a hotel). This amount should cover your intended stay duration, including accommodation, food, and other expenses while in Denmark. It's important to ensure that your bank statement reflects this level of funding to demonstrate your ability to support yourself during your visit.

What is the Denmark Tourist Visa Fee?

Fee TypeAmount

VFS Appointment Fees

Euro 20 (INR 1,825/-)

Embassy Fees (0-6 years)

No Fees

Embassy Fees (6-11 years)

Euro 40 (INR 3,400/-)

Embassy Fees (12+ years)

Euro 80 (INR 7,100/-)


In conclusion, obtaining a Denmark Tourist Visa involves a systematic process that ensures your journey to this beautiful Scandinavian country goes smoothly. Whether you choose to apply through Teleport or directly at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre, it's essential to adhere to the outlined steps and meet the necessary requirements.

Remember to plan ahead and apply for your visa well in advance to allow for ample processing time. Additionally, ensure you fulfil the financial obligations required for your stay in Denmark, as this plays a crucial role in the visa application process.

By following this comprehensive guide and being prepared with all the required documents and information, including the Denmark visa for Indians, you'll soon find yourself ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Denmark.

If you have questions or need help, our dedicated team is here for you. Call us at  +91 73148 52914 or message us on WhatsApp.

Safe travels and enjoy your Danish adventure!



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