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Complete Guide to Switzerland Work Visa for Indians

Last Update: 13-06-2024

Switzerland Work Visa

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Swiss Work Permit for Indians?
  3. Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents for Switzerland Work Visa for Indians
  4. Switzerland Work Permit Approval Criteria for Indian Nationals
  5. How to Apply for a Swiss Work Permit from India?
  6. Switzerland Work Visa Processing Time
  7. Swiss Work Permit Fees
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs


Welcome to the ultimate guide to get a Swiss Work Visa for Indians. Working in Switzerland is a dream come true that requires planning and understanding of the visa process.

This guide will help you through each step so you are well prepared to meet the requirements and apply for the work permit. From getting a job in Switzerland to understanding the documents needed, I have got you covered to make your journey to work in Switzerland a breeze.

So whether you are a professional or looking for a long term career opportunity, this guide will give you all the information you need to get started with your Swiss work visa application.

What is a Swiss Work Permit for Indians?

A Swiss Work Permit allows Indian nationals to legally work in Switzerland, either on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the job contract and visa type.

To obtain this permit, Indians must have a confirmed job offer from a Swiss employer who has also secured approval from the local cantonal authorities. This process ensures compliance with Swiss immigration laws and labour market needs.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents for Switzerland Work Visa for Indians

A work visa for Switzerland requires some preparation and specific documents to get it right. Here are the basic requirements and documents listed in a clear and organised manner to respect the process and your efforts.

Basic Requirements:

National Passport:

  • Must be issued within the last 10 years and have at least three months of validity beyond the date of departure from Switzerland. Ensure it has at least two blank pages.
  • Note: Handwritten passports or passports with annotations on the bio-data page are not allowed.

Passport Size Pictures:

  • Four recent photos (not older than six months) with white background. Photos should be 35 – 40 mm in size.
  • Attach three photos to the application forms and clip the fourth to the last page of your passport. Do not use staples or pins on the photos. For more details, visit ICAO website at ICAO Photo Guidelines.

Visa Application Forms:

  • Three completed and signed forms. If someone is helping you with your application, their authorization also needs to be included.

Old Passports:

  • If applicable, tie your old passports together with a rubber band, not with staples.

Professional and Financial Documents:

Employer’s Introduction Letter:

  • Two copies (one original and one copy) of a letter on company letterhead with your job title, length of service, travel dates, purpose of visit and who will bear the expenses.

Swiss Business Partner’s Invitation Letter:

  • Two copies (one original and one copy) with inviter’s contact details and specifics of your visit.

Proof of Financial Status:

  • Original documents in A4 size with stamp and signature of the bank.
  • If employed, include employment contract, recent salary slips and bank statements of last three months, personal ITR-V for last two years.
  • If self-employed or company owner, include business registration, recent personal and business bank statements and personal and company ITR-Vs for the last two years.

Additional Documents:

  • Two photocopies of valid Schengen, UK, US or Canadian visas if applicable and photocopies of first and last pages of your passport.
  • If you have had a visa refusal in the last two years, include the Refusal Notice or a written explanation of the reasons for the refusal.

Switzerland Work Permit Approval Criteria for Indian Nationals

When it comes to a work permit in Switzerland, Indians need to meet certain criteria which is designed to prioritise highly skilled professionals and align with the country’s economic interests. Here’s a quick summary of the eligibility criteria:

  • Professional Level: Work permits are generally for senior management, specialists or other high qualified positions.
  • Economic Interest: Approval is subject to the employment being in the overall economic interest of Switzerland.
  • Qualifications: Candidates are expected to have a degree from a recognized university or higher education institution and several years of relevant work experience. Or specialised training with work experience may also be considered depending on the industry or field of specialisation.

  • Salary and Conditions: Foreign employees are entitled to the same salary and working conditions as Swiss nationals.

  • Preference for Local and EU/EFTA Candidates: Employment of third country nationals including Indians is only permitted when no Swiss or EU/EFTA national is available for the position.

4. Quota

  • Permits Limited: The number of permits for third country nationals is subject to annual quotas which can limit the number of permits available each year.

  • Regulatory Framework: Switzerland has a dual system where EU/EFTA states and third country regulations are taken into account to manage the workforce.

These criteria show Switzerland’s approach to foreign employment is targeted towards high skilled professionals and their integration into the workforce is in the economic interest of the country.

How to Apply for a Swiss Work Permit from India?

Applying for a Swiss work permit as an Indian national is a multi step process. Here is the step by step guide on how to apply for Switzerland work visa via VFS Global in India: 

Firstly, determine the correct Swiss long term visa that fits the purpose of travel and duration of stay in Switzerland. Select 'Work Permit for more than 120 days' for switzerland work visa application. Check your eligibility by going through the required qualifications and documents. You will also need to prepare translations for documents not in English. More information on visa types and requirements here.

Begin by downloading the Visa Application Form from VFS Global website. Fill the form thoroughly, print it and make sure you have all the required documents ready for submission. Applications can only be submitted in person; postal submissions are not accepted.

State of ResidenceVisa Application is submitted to

Andhra Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep(UT), Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Odisha, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal

The Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi via VFS Global Visa Application Centres in India

Book an appointment to submit your visa application and biometric data at a Visa Application Centre. Each family or group member must have an individual appointment.

The visa application has some fees that need to be paid at the Visa Application Centre during your appointment

Visit the Visa Application Centre on your scheduled date to submit your application and documents. Make sure you have all the required documents and they are presented as required (without staples and in the correct order).

Switzerland Work Visa application centres in India

CityOperating Hours (Mon to Fri)


09:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 13:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 13:00


09:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 16:00

New Delhi

09:00 - 16:00


08:00 - 15:00


08:00 - 16:00

Stay updated on your application status by using the tracking services of VFS Global. You can track your application online using the reference number from your receipt and your date of birth.

Once decided, collect your passport and other documents from the Visa Application Centre. If you can’t collect in person, you can authorise someone else to collect on your behalf with a signed letter of authorization.

Additional Information:

  • If your visa application is rejected, you need to collect your documents in person, regardless of the mode of delivery chosen.
  • Switzerland work visa fees are non-refundable.

Switzerland Work Visa Processing Time

When applying for a work visa to Switzerland, the processing time is 15 working days. This starts from the day the embassy or consulate receives the application and does not include the time for document delivery. Make sure to submit all required documents to avoid delays.

Processing Time Factors

  • Additional Scrutiny: In some cases, the embassy or consulate may need to review your application more thoroughly, such as calling you for an interview or requesting more documents, and the processing time may take longer than 15 days.
  • Peak Season: Processing times can also be longer during peak periods of the year, especially before major holidays when there are many applications.

Teleport’s Expert Tip

To avoid any hassle, submit your application at least 4 weeks before your travel date. If possible, apply earlier especially before holiday seasons to account for delays.

Swiss Work Permit Fees

When applying for a Swiss work permit, you need to be aware of the fees involved. Here are the Switzerland work visa costs:

Visa Fee

  • Adult Visa: INR 8100 or EUR 90

Please note that the visa fee is subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may change without notice.

Service Charges and Additional Options

  • Service Charge: A standard service fee of INR 1850 is applicable. This includes processing your application.
  • Convenience Fee: An additional INR 150 is charged for multiple payment options.

Optional Services:

  • Courier Service: INR 775 for secure delivery of your passport and documents.
  • SMS Service: INR 390 for updates on your visa application status via text message.
  • Premium Lounge Service: INR 3385 for a more comfortable and private service experience.
  • Courier Assurance Service: INR 385 for document delivery.
  • Form Filling Service: INR 2915 for assistance with your application forms.
  • Combo Service: INR 1400 for SMS updates and courier assurance.

Payment Methods

All visa fees and service charges can be paid using cash, card, or online payment methods.


This guide has taken you through each step, from identifying the right visa type to submitting your application, so you are well prepared and informed throughout the process.

Remember the key to a successful application is thorough preparation and following the guidelines of the Swiss authorities. With patience and planning you are now ready to start your new adventure in Switzerland.

Good luck and have a great time in Switzerland



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