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New Zealand Visa for Indians: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update: 05-07-2024

New Zealand Visa for Indians

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Types Visas for New Zealand from India
  3. New Zealand Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens
  4. How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa from India?
  5. New Zealand Visa Processing Times for Indians
  6. New Zealand Visa Fees for Indians
  7. New Zealand Visa Stay Durations
  8. Can I Appeal a Rejected New Zealand Visa Application?
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs


Heading to New Zealand from India? Our comprehensive guide will help you get a New Zealand visa for Indians. Whether you are applying online or offline, I have got you covered from eligibility criteria to documents required to application fee. Read this guide to navigate the application process smoothly and start your New Zealand trip.

Types Visas for New Zealand from India

Indian citizens visiting New Zealand have several types of visas available to them, depending on the purpose of their visit. Some of the common types of visas include:

  1. Visitor Visa: Travellers holding passports from certain countries are required to apply for a Visitor Visa when visiting New Zealand. With this visa, you can enjoy a holiday, visit friends and family, or even attend a job interview. Plus, you have the option to include your partner and dependent children in your visa application.
  2. Transit Visa: If you plan to transit through New Zealand, you must obtain a Transit Visa. This visa allows you to stay for up to 24 hrs and pass through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger, but you must remain within the airport's transit area during your layover. However, please note that You can only transit New Zealand through Auckland International Airport.
  3. Student and Trainee work Visa: This visa is for students and trainees seeking practical work experience in their field, such as religious trainees, dental or medical trainees, and apprentice jockeys.
  4. Straight to Residence Visa: Apply for this visa if you have a job offer or are currently employed by a recognized employer, and your job is in high demand (Green List). You can live, work, and study in New Zealand with this visa. 
  5. Work to Residence Visa: Apply for this visa if you're currently employed by an accredited employer, have a job offer from one, and have worked in a Tier 2 Green List role for 24 months. You can live, work, and study in New Zealand with this visa, and you can also include your partner and children under 25 in your application.
  6. Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa: This visa grants you New Zealand residence if your partner is a New Zealand citizen or resident. With this visa, you can live, work, and study in New Zealand, and you have the option to include dependent children under 25 years old in your visa application.
  7. Parent Retirement Resident Visa: You can seek permanent residence in New Zealand if you have a child who is a citizen or resident. To qualify, you'll need to meet income and investment criteria. 

New Zealand Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

New Zealand Visitor Visa Requirements

  • Application Form  INZ 1017: Completed and signed.
  • Passport Scanned Copy: Scanned copies of the last pages.
  • Photograph: Recent (not older than 6 months).
  • National ID: Aadhar Card or Pan Card scanned copy
  • Bank Statement: Minimum balance of NZ$1000 per month for maintenance and accommodation, or NZ$400 if accommodation is prepaid.
  • IT Return: Last two years, or Form 16.
  • Proof of Investments: Fixed deposits, property investments, or other investments.
  • Cover Letter: Reason for trip, duration of stay, passport and travel information.
  • Residence Proof and Travel Itinerary: Full travel plans within New Zealand.

Supporting Documents (if applicable)

  • Employed: Employer's NOC, leave letter, work reference letter, and last three months' salary slips.
  • Self-employed: Proof of company registration, last six months' company bank statements, and company IT returns.
  • Married: Marriage certificate or wedding card copy.
  • Minor: Birth certificate, consent letter, and parents' ID copies.
  • Invited: Invitation letter, invitee’s passport details and resident permit.
  • Sponsored: Sponsorship form INZ 1025 and proof of relationship.
  • Stays Over 6 Months: eMedical Chest X-Ray Certificate.
  • Stays Over 12 Months: Comprehensive eMedical and Chest X-Ray Certificate.

New Zealand Transit Visa Requirements

  • Travel Arrangements: Itinerary confirming arrival and departure times.
  • Onward Travel: Ticket showing departure from New Zealand and travel tickets indicating transit to a country where you can enter.
  • Family Requirements: Proof of identity, good character, transit intention, and departure tickets.

New Zealand Business Visa Requirements

  • Letter from Employer or New Zealand Company: Confirming employment and business purpose of visit.
  • Funds or Employer Support: Proof of financial support or NZ$1,000 per month (or NZ$400 if accommodation prepaid).
  • Evidence of Funds: Bank statements, credit card statements, bank drafts, travellers’ cheques, or sponsorship form.
  • Sponsor Evidence: Recent bank statements, pay slips, employment agreement, or accommodation proof.

New Zealand Student or Trainee Work Visas

Practical Work Experience

  • Requirements: Direct relation to study or training, education provider support, written job offer, and proof of funds or acceptable sponsor.

Religious Trainees

  • Requirements: Confirmation of place in training programme, sponsorship form from the religious organisation, and organisation’s eligibility as a sponsor.

Medical and Dental Trainees

  • Requirements: Qualification and experience, practical training offer from New Zealand hospital, and proof of funds or acceptable sponsor.

New Zealand Straight to Residence Visa Requirements

English Language

  • Proof: Citizenship, study qualifications, or English language test (minimum score, within 2 years).

Previous Work

  • Role in Green List: Tier 1 role, meeting role requirements.

Acceptable Employment

  • Criteria: Accredited employer, Tier 1 role, median wage, professional requirements, full-time and genuine employment, permanent or fixed term of at least 12 months.

New Zealand Work to Residence Visa Requirements

  • Current Visa: Work visa or Critical Purpose Visitor Visa allowing work.

Previous Work

  • Duration: Worked in New Zealand for at least 24 months in a Tier 2 Green List role.

Current Work

  • Job Offer: Offer from an accredited employer.
  • Documentation: Employment agreement, fixed-term contract, or job offer letter detailing role, hours, length of employment, and pay.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa from India?

Apply for New Zealand Visa for Indians with Teleport

Step 1: Visit Teleport's Official New Zealand Visa Application Portal: Start your application by visiting Teleport's specialised portal for New Zealand visas.

Step 2: Begin Your NZ Visa Application: Navigate to the visa section and click on 'Start Application' to initiate your New Zealand visa application.

Step 3: Provide Your Passport Details: Upload scanned copies of both the front and back pages of your passport. Teleport’s system will automatically extract essential information like your name, date of birth, nationality, and passport details. You can also manually input this information if preferred.

Step 4: Enter Your Travel Itinerary: In the 'Visit Information' section, input your anticipated entry and exit dates for New Zealand.

Step 5: Complete Your Visa Payment: Finalise your visa fee payment through Teleport, which also includes a service fee. Teleport offers flexible payment options: you can either pay the full amount upfront or start with a partial payment, with the remaining balance due after Teleport's specialists review your application.

Once approved by the embassy, Teleport will notify you via WhatsApp and email, allowing you to download your visa directly from the Teleport Dashboard.

Apply Online at New Zealand Immigration Website

Step 1: Choose Visa Type

Select the right visa type for your trip and check your eligibility. See required documents, processing time and fees.

Step 2: Collect Your Documents

Gather all required documents for the respective type of New Zealand visa. If any document is not in English, have it translated by a certified translator to speed up your application process. See accepted document formats.

Step 3: Submit Application

Start here by signing in with your RealMe account or create one if you don’t have it yet. How to create a RealMe account.

Step 4: Fill Application Form

Fill in the online form with your personal details, passport details, health information, employment details and upload required documents like passport photos, your passport, bank statements and travel plans.

Step 5: Pay Fees

Use a debit or credit card to pay the fees. Submit application after payment.

Step 6: Wait for Embassy’s Decision

Immigration New Zealand will review your application and supporting documents. Processing time varies depending on the visa type, your situation and the information provided. Check your online account for any additional information requests and updates.

Step 7: Check Your Application

Log in to Immigration Online with your RealMe account and go to the ‘My Visas’ tab to track your application.

Step 8: Get Your eVisa

Once processed you will receive the approved eVisa via email. Print a physical copy to carry with you when travelling to New Zealand.

Apply Offline for New Zealand Visa at VFS Global

Step 1: Choose Visa Type

Select the right visa type for your trip and check your eligibility. See required documents, processing time and fees. If documents are not in English, get them translated before you start.

Step 2: Start Your Application

Go to Immigration New Zealand website to apply online or download the visa application form, fill it out and collect required documents.

Step 3: Book an Appointment

After you have applied for your visa, book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre. Applications can be submitted in person, through an authorised representative or by post. Each family or group member must book individual appointments.

Step 4: Pay Fees

Pay the visa fee by demand draft or credit card during application or at the Visa Application Centre during your appointment.

Step 5: Submit Application

Submit your completed visa application form at the Visa Application Centre in person or through an authorised representative.

Step 6: Track Your Application

Check your email for notifications from Immigration New Zealand. Some Visa Application Centres may send SMS for courier tracking.

Step 7: Collect Documents and Visa

Once processed, collect your documents from the Visa Application Centre. Documents will be handed over directly or sent via courier as per centre’s procedure.

New Zealand Visa Processing Times for Indians

Understanding the visa processing times for New Zealand is crucial for planning your trip effectively. Here’s a detailed overview of the various visa processing times, ensuring a smooth application experience for Indian citizens.

New Zealand Visitor Visa Processing Time

  • Visitor Visa: 3 weeks
  • Partner of a New Zealander Visitor Visa: 3 months
  • Business Visitor Visa: 2 weeks

The visitor visa processing time for New Zealand varies depending on the specific visa type. It’s essential to factor in these timelines when planning your trip to avoid any last-minute hassles.

New Zealand Work Visa Processing Time from India

For those seeking employment in New Zealand, the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) processing times are as follows:

  • Employer Accreditations for AEWV: 6 weeks
  • Job Checks: 7 weeks
  • Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV): 4 months
  • Partner of a Worker Work Visa: 10 weeks

New Zealand Resident Visa Processing Time

Long-term residents and skilled migrants should be aware of the following visa processing times in New Zealand:

  • Parent Resident Visa: 8 months
  • Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa (New criteria): 5 months
  • Straight to Residence Visa: 3 months
  • Work to Residence Visa: 4 months
  • Permanent Resident Visa: 1 week

These timelines are indicative of the thorough review process undertaken by New Zealand immigration authorities, ensuring all documentation and criteria are met.

New Zealand Visa Fees for Indians

Visa TypeApplication MethodFeeService Fee

Visitor Visa

Apply Online

NZD $246


Apply Offline

INR ₹13,000

INR ₹ 1,715

Business Visitor Visa

Apply Online

NZD $211


Apply Offline

INR ₹11,150

INR ₹1,715

Transit Visa

Apply Online

Not Applicable


Apply Offline

INR ₹9,450

INR ₹1,715

Work to Residence Visa

Apply Online

NZD $4,890


Apply Offline

Not Applicable


Student and Trainee Work Visa

Apply Online

NZD $735


Apply Offline

INR ₹38,650

INR ₹1,715

New Zealand Visa Stay Durations

Visitor Visa:

Multiple Entry Visa:

  • Stay up to 6 months within a 12-month period.
  • The 12-month period is calculated backward from your intended departure date.
  • Must have been outside New Zealand for at least 9 months in the previous 18 months before applying.

Single Entry Visa:

  • Stay up to 9 months within an 18-month period.
  • The 18-month period is calculated backward from your intended departure date.
  • Suitable for those wanting to visit for more than 6 months or extend their current stay.

Work to Residence Visa:

  • Length of Stay: Indefinite
  • Work: Eligible to work in any role for any employer in New Zealand.
  • Study: Eligible to study anywhere in New Zealand for any duration.

Straight to Residence Visa:

  • Length of Stay: Indefinite
  • Work: Eligible to work in any role for any employer in New Zealand.
  • Study: Eligible to study anywhere in New Zealand for any duration.
  • Travel: Unlimited travel in and out of New Zealand until travel conditions expire, typically 2 years from the initial arrival as a resident.

Student and Trainee Work Visa:

  • Medical or Dental Trainee: Stay up to 6 months.
  • Practical Training Student: Stay up to 6 months.
  • Religious Trainee: Stay up to 36 months.
  • Apprentice Jockey: Stay up to 4 years.

Can I Appeal a Rejected New Zealand Visa Application?

Temporary visa applications may be rejected if an immigration officer is not convinced that the applicant has met all the requirements outlined in the relevant immigration instructions for temporary entry, and there is no justifiable exception to these instructions.

In the event of a declined visa application, the decision must undergo a review process conducted by another immigration officer of equal or higher rank compared to the original decision-maker, or alternatively, by the Minister of Immigration.

It's crucial to note that the outcome of any reconsideration resulting in the rejection of an application for an additional temporary visa is considered final and binding. There will be no opportunity for further requests for reconsideration of this decision.

Submit your Request

If you applied for a Visitor Visa or Accredited Employer Work Visa through enhanced Immigration Online, you may have the option to apply for a reconsideration online. The notification sent to you by Immigration New Zealand will specify whether this option is available.

For all other requests, please follow these steps:

  1. Compose a written letter in English, bearing your signature, detailing everything you want the Immigration Authority of New Zealand to reconsider.
  2. Include any supporting evidence that reinforces your request.
  3. Along with your written request and supporting documents, provide your passport or certificate of identity, Credit card details for fee payment, which should include card number, card expiry date, name of the cardholder and cardholder's signature.

How Immigration New Zealand Process Your Request

The Immigration Authority of New Zealand will undertake a comprehensive review of your visa application, taking into account any additional information you provide. It's important to note that the review will not be conducted by the immigration officer who initially declined your application.

If it is determined that our initial decision was incorrect, you will be granted a visa. However, if our original decision was deemed to be correct, a visa will not be issued.


In short, getting a New Zealand visa is a hassle free process when you know what’s required for your travel purpose. Whether you are planning a holiday, business trip or residency, preparation is key. Apply through Teleport for a seamless application experience with our dedicated support team. Explore New Zealand’s culture and landscapes with confidence, knowing you have covered all visa aspects. Reach out to us for further assistance or queries. Happy travels and enjoy your trip to New Zealand!



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