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Croatia Tourist Visa: Requirement , Application, Fees & Status check

Last Update: 23-05-2024

Croatia Tourist Visa

Quick Summary

Do Indians need a visa to visit Croatia?

Do Indians need a visa to visit Croatia?

Yes, Indians need a Schengen visa (type -C) to visit Croatia.

Processing time for Croatia Tourist Visa

Processing time

15 to 30 working days

Fees for Croatia Tourist Visa


Euro 80

Validity for Croatia Tourist Visa


180 Days

Stay duration for Croatia Tourist Visa

Stay duration

90 Days

How to apply?

How to apply?

Apply through VFS Global visa application centres in India

Documents Required

Documents Required

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Passport
  3. 2 Photographs
  4. Travel Health Insurance
  5. Cover Letter
  6. Travel Itinerary
  7. Proof of Purpose of Stay in Croatia
  8. Flight Reservation
  9. Proof of Sufficient Funds

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Who Needs a Croatian Tourist Visa?
  3. Croatia Tourist Visa Requirements
  4. Croatia Visa Photo Specifications for Indians
  5. Croatia Tourist Visa Application Process
  6. Croatia Tourist Visa Fees for Indians
  7. Croatia Tourist Visa Processing Time
  8. Validity and Duration of Stay With Croatia Tourist Visa for Indians
  9. When Should I Apply for a Croatia Tourist Visa?
  10. How to Extend and Renew My Croatia Tourist Visa?
  11. Croatia Tourist Visa Status Check
  12. Tips for a Successful Croatia Tourist Visa Application
  13. Conclusion
  14. FAQs


Can you not take the images of the bustling cityscapes of Zagreb or the idyllic shores of Dubrovnik out of your mind? Do you want Croatia to be your travel adventure? Securing your tourist visa is the essential first step towards realising this dream.

Navigating your way through the Croatian visa application process may seem daunting. But worry not! This comprehensive guide on Croatian visas is crafted to simplify every aspect of the process - from understanding the prerequisites to finally submitting your visa application form.

Join us as we delve into the important steps, documents, requirements, fees and everything else you need to know about Croatian visa ensuring you're thoroughly equipped for a successful Croatian visa application. 

Who Needs a Croatian Tourist Visa?

Anyone intending to visit Croatia for tourism and leisure would typically need a Croatian tourist visa or Schengen type ‘C’ visa. However, citizens of certain countries like member states of the European Union (EU) are exempt from requiring a tourist visa for Croatia.  

A Croatian tourist visa allows its holder to stay in Croatia and other Schengen countries for 90 days in a 180-day timeframe.

Croatia Tourist Visa Requirements

Mandatory Documents

Visa Application Form

A filled and signed Visa Application Form


  • Issued within the last 10 years.
  • Should be valid for at least 3 months after the intended return.
  • Must have at least 2 blank pages.
  • Photocopy of front and last page and used pages of current and previous 2 passports (if any).

2 Photographs

  • Recent, colour photographs with light or white background.
  • Dimensions:  35mm x 45mm

Travel Health Insurance

  • Minimum coverage of € 30,000 per person for all risks like accident, illness, medical emergency, etc.
  • Must remain valid during the entire stay in Schengen territory.

Cover Letter

  • Explain the purpose of your trip.
  • Give a detailed travel itinerary.

Travel Itinerary

Complete itinerary for your travel plans within Croatia and other Schengen countries.

Proof of Purpose of Stay in Croatia

  • Hotel booking reservation.
  • Certificate of a paid tourist package.
  • Complete Croatian telephone contact and address for all accommodations.
  • Proof of ownership or lease of a boat/yacht, etc. (if any)

Flight Reservation

  • Roundtrip flight reservation.
  • If travelling to a third country, then proof of itinerary there (travel ticket, etc.)

Proof of Sufficient Funds

  • Bank Statement (3 months)- in original – duly signed and stamped by authorised officials of the respective bank. The documents attached shall not be older than six months.
  • Income Tax Returns (3 years).
  • Copy of international credit card with three months credit card statement.
  • Endorsement on passport/receipt of purchase of foreign exchange.

Supporting Documents

If Employed

  • Employer NOC - On the company’s official letterhead, establishing the position of the employee in the company, years of service, and grant of leave. 
  • Last 3 months' salary slips.

If Self-Employed

  • Visa request letter on official letterhead with company registration papers. 
  • Certificate of Registration of the company.
  • Income Tax Return of the company (last 3 years)

If Retired

Pension slip of the last 3 months

If Minor or Person Deprived of Legal Capacity

  • Birth certificate of the minor (if parents are legal guardians).
  • Decision of the competent body designating the legal guardian.
  • If a minor is travelling without a parent/legal guardian - notarized consent of both parents or legal guardians containing personal information of the parents/legal guardians, the purpose, period and length of stay in Croatia, and the period for which the consent is issued. Copy of identification document of both parents/guardians.
  • If a minor is travelling with one parent - notarized consent of the other parent, except in cases of parent having sole custody or guardianship - the proof of which should be attached.


Any change in travel plan, cancellation/change of accommodations etc. after submission of the application will lead to a delay in processing of the application. Similar changes after the issuance of a visa (if approved) for the Republic of Croatia might lead to the revocation of the visa.

Croatia Visa Photo Specifications for Indians

Size Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 35 x 45 mm. 
  • The head of the person (from the tip of the chin to the scalp) should occupy 2/3 of the photo.
  • The head should be in the centre, not higher than 36 mm.
  • The distance between the eyes (from the middle of the left eye to the middle of the right eye) must be at least 8mm, optimally 10 mm.

Croatia Visa Photo Specifications for Indians


  • You should face the camera directly with a neutral expression. 
  • Show your eyes open and visible and your mouth closed.


  • Light-coloured or white background.
  • The photograph should be sharp without any pattern and have sufficient face and hair contrast.
  • Photos should be printed on high quality glossy and smooth paper without surface structure.

Croatia Tourist Visa Application Process

Step-by-step guide to apply for your Croatia visa through VFS Global-

Step 1: Identify Your Visa Type

The first step is to determine the right visa for your trip. Travellers usually need a short-term, Schengen-type ‘C’ visa or ‘tourist visa’ to visit Croatia. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, and know your documentation requirements, the fee, etc. Also, make sure your documents are in no other language than English. 

Step 2: Fill out Your Visa Application Form

Fill out the visa application form and get your documents in order. You may also opt for the ‘Digital Document Check’ service while booking your appointment. This service allows you to get your application and documents reviewed online before going to the visa application centre.  


The Croatian Embassy accepts visa applications only until 60 calendar days before the date of travel.

Step 3: Book Your Appointment at the Visa Application Centre

After filling out your visa application form, book an appointment at the VFS Application Centre to have your fingerprints and photo taken. You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment upon successfully scheduling your appointment.

Step 4: Pay Your Fees

It’s time to pay your visa application fee. A Croatia tourist visa costs around € 80 or ₹ 7,200 and the VFS Logistics Fee costs ~ ₹ 1,928.

Step 5: Visit the Visa Application Centre

Submit your printed application form, documents, and fee at the VFS Visa Application Centre in person. Below is the list of all the VFS Visa Application Centres for Croatia in India

Visa Application Centres for Croatia in India

LocationOperating Hours (Mon - Fri)


09:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 15:00

Step 6: Keep a Track Your Application

Use the VFS online application tracking tool to check the status of your application. You can also use the tracking tool on the official Croatian External Affairs website. To know about this in detail refer to our section, ‘How to Check the Status of a Croatia Visa Application for Indians?’

Step 7: Collect Your Passport and Other Documents

Once the visa authorities have decided on your visa application, you can collect your documents back from them. You can either collect the documents in person or avail of their courier services at an additional price. 

You will need the Original ICR & Copy of Govt ID Proof for collecting your documents in person.

Your immediate family members (i.e. parents, children, siblings, or spouse) and Representatives of a company can also collect the documents on your behalf. 

Third parties need to carry the following documents-

  • Photocopy of Govt. ID card of all applicants
  • Original ICR
  • Authorization Letter from the applicant. In the case of a company representative, the letter needs to be on the letterhead of the company and the representative should also carry their official ID card.

In case an applicant loses their ICR, they need to come in person for the collection of their passport from the counter.

Croatia Tourist Visa Fees for Indians

Applicant AgeFee TypeAmount

12 + years

Visa Fees

₹ 7,200 (€ 80)

VFS Logistics

₹ 1,928

Below 12 Years

Visa Fee

Zero fees

Note that the fees are non-refundable and subject to change based on additional factors such as foreign exchange fluctuations, courier & SMS facilities, etc. Fees can be paid only in cash.

Effective June 11, 2024, the visa fee for those above 12 years will rise to € 90 or ~₹8,200.

Croatia Tourist Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Croatia tourist visa  for Indians is generally decided within 15 days from the date the application is submitted. However, in certain cases where additional scrutiny is needed, this period can be extended up to 30 or 60 days. It's important to note that if you submit your visa application less than 15 days before your planned departure, the embassy cannot guarantee that the visa processing will be completed in time for your journey. To avoid any issues, it's advisable to apply well in advance of your travel date.

Validity and Duration of Stay With Croatia Tourist Visa for Indians

A Croatia tourist visa for Indians or short-stay Schengen visa (C-visa) allows Indians to transit through, or stay in Croatia for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day timeframe. It is issued for one, two, or multiple entries for transit, tourism, leisure, short-term business, and other related purposes.

When Should I Apply for a Croatia Tourist Visa?

Indians planning to travel to Croatia can submit their visa application up to 6 months before their intended travel date. However, it's essential to note that the Croatian Embassy requires at least 60 days for processing visa applications. So, it's best to plan accordingly and submit your application within this timeframe to ensure it's processed in time for your trip.

How to Extend and Renew My Croatia Tourist Visa?

Visa Extension

Croatia visa extensions are only granted in exceptional circumstances, such as medical emergencies, force majeure situations or humanitarian reasons, or serious personal reasons.

The application for the extension of the visa and/or duration of stay is submitted to the police administration/station in Croatia depending on the place of stay before the expiry of the visa and/or the duration of stay approved based on the issued visa.

Documents Required for Visa Extension

  • Visa Extension Form
  • Valid Travel Document
  • documents proving the the reasons for the visa extension
  • proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the extra period of stay in Croatia
  • proof of travel health insurance for the extra period of stay in Croatia.
  • An application fee amounting to 30 Euros is required in case one needs an extension due to serious personal issues.
  • Applicants must adhere to the original visa requirements.
  • Stay in Croatia or the Schengen zone must not exceed 90 days.

In case the extension is denied, the person has the right to appeal against the decision within 15 days from the receipt of the decision, through a competent embassy or a consulate of the Republic of Croatia.

If you have travelled to the Schengen Region twice in the past three years, you are eligible for the new Schengen visa ‘cascade’ regime. Under this new scheme, your visa can get renewed and you can be granted a two-year multi-entry visa.

This two-year visa can be followed by a 5-year visa provided the passport has sufficient validity. 

Croatia Tourist Visa Status Check

Check Your Croatia Visa Application Status Through VFS

  1. Access the VFS online application tracking page.
  2. Enter the Application Reference Number present on the invoice/receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre.
  3. Input your last name.
  4. Enter captcha and hit ‘Submit’.

Croatia Visa Application Status Through VFS

Tips for a Successful Croatia Tourist Visa Application

Here are some tips for Indian citizens applying for a Croatia tourist visa:

  1. Plan in Advance: Start the visa application process well ahead of your planned travel dates. The Croatian Embassy requires at least 60 days for processing, so apply early, but not earlier than 6 months, to avoid delays.
  2. Complete Application Form Accurately: Fill out the visa application form accurately and honestly. Submitting incorrect or misleading information can cause your application to be rejected immediately 
  3. Provide Clear Purpose of Visit: Clearly state your purpose of visit as tourism. Provide details about your itinerary, including places you plan to visit, activities you intend to do, and duration of stay. Not being able to convincingly explain the reason for your visit and its consistency with your planned activities might arouse suspicion. 
  4. Show Proof of Financial Means: Demonstrate that you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Croatia. Provide bank statements, income tax returns, or any other evidence of your financial stability.  
  5. Purchase Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is mandatory for Schengen visas. Make sure the coverage includes medical expenses and repatriation for the entire duration of your trip.
  6. Maintain a Clean Travel Record: Make sure you never overstay your visa in any country. A history  of overstaying visas in other countries could be seen as a red flag, suggesting a risk of not adhering to Croatia’s visa regulations.

By following these tips and ensuring that your application is complete and accurate, you can increase your chances of a successful Croatia tourist visa application.


Securing a Croatia tourist visa from India may seem like a herculean task, but with the right guidance and preparation, it becomes a straightforward part of your travel plans. 

In this complete guide on Croatian visas we have walked you through every step of the application process, from gathering documents to booking your appointment at the VFS Centre. 

Now that you know what to expect and how to prepare, you're all set to turn your Croatian holiday dreams into reality. 

Safe travels!