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Norway Visa For Indians: All You Need To Know Before Applying

Last Update: 05-04-2024

Norway Visa for Indians

⚡Quick Summary

Is a visa required for Indians to visit Norway?

Yes, all Indian passport holders require a Schengen visa to visit Norway for tourism and business related activities.

Processing time for Norway Visa

15 to 21 Working Days

Norway schengen visa fees for Indians

  1. Norway visa fees: Euro 80
  2. VFS Appointment fees: Euro 08

Norway visa validity

180 Days

Norway visa stay duration

90 Days

How to apply for a Norway visa

  1. Apply through Teleport in minutes.
  2. Apply through the VFS Visa Application Centre.

Documents required for Norway visa

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Passport 
  3. Photograph 
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Travel Itinerary
  6. Travel Medical Insurance - Euro 30,000
  7. Flight tickets and Hotel Bookings
  8. Bank Statement (last 3 months)
  9. See other documents.

Can Indians get a Norway visa on arrival?

No, Indian passport holders can not obtain a visa-on-arrival in Norway.


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Do Indian Citizens Require a Visa for Norway?

Yes, Indian citizens need a visa to visit Norway. As Norway is a member of the Schengen Area, Indians must secure a Schengen visa for short-term visits up to 90 days within any 180-day period. This visa enables them to travel across Norway and other Schengen countries, whether for tourism, business purposes, or to visit family and friends

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. When to Apply for a Norway Schengen Visa at a Norwegian Diplomatic Mission?
  3. Types of Norway Visa for Indians
  4. Application Procedure for Norway Visa for Indians
  5. Norway Visa Document Requirements for Indians
  6. What is the Processing Time of Norway Visa Application for Indians?
  7. Norway Visa Fees for Indian Citizens
  8. How Long can Indians Stay in Norway with a Schengen Visa?
  9. What is the Validity of a Norway Tourist Visa for Indians?
  10. Can I Extend My Norway Tourist Visa?
  11. How to Check Norway Visa Status for Indians?
  12. Travel Insurance Requirements for a Norway Visa for Indians
  13. Common Reasons for Norway Visa Rejection for Indian Applicants
  14. What to do if My Norway Visa Application is Refused?
  15. Do I Need an Airport Transit Visa for Norway?
  16. What to Do Upon Arriving at a Norway Airport?
  17. Additional Resources
  18. Conclusion
  19. FAQs


Are you from India and planning a trip to Norway? Understanding the visa process is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. This detailed guide offers all the information Indian travellers need to successfully apply for a tourist visa to Norway.

From how to apply and Norway visa for Indians documents you'll need, to the different types of visas and their fees, we've got you covered. Whether you're wondering about the application procedure or how long it takes, we're here to help you get ready for your Norwegian adventure.

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Get ready for a seamless journey to Norway!

Is a Visa on Arrival Available for Indians in Norway?

No, Indian travellers cannot obtain a visa on arrival in Norway. They are required to arrange a visa in advance to ensure a smooth entry into Norway.

When to Apply for a Norway Schengen Visa at a Norwegian Diplomatic Mission?

Single Schengen Country Visit: 

Apply at the Norwegian consulate if your travel plans are solely to Norway or if Norway is your main point of entry into the Schengen area.

Multiple Schengen Country Itinerary: 

  • If your trip includes multiple Schengen countries but you're spending the most time in Norway, you should apply at the Norwegian consulate. 
  • For trips covering several countries for equal lengths of time, such as visiting Norway, Germany, and France, your application should go to the consulate of your first entry country, in this scenario, Norway.

Visit Purpose:

The main purpose of your visit determines where you should apply. If it's not clear, or if you're visiting multiple countries, apply at the embassy or consulate of the country where you'll first enter the Schengen zone.

For example, if the primary reason for your trip is attending a conference in Norway, even if you plan to visit other countries, you should apply at the Norwegian consulate.

Types of Norway Visa for Indians

Short stay uniform visa (C-type): This visa allows the holder to make single, double, or multiple entries, permitting a continuous stay of up to 90 days. Alternatively, for interrupted stays, the total duration should not exceed 90 days within a 180-day period, calculated from the date of the initial entry.  

When seeking a Schengen C-type uniform short-stay visa, the intended reasons for entry can encompass various purposes, including tourism, business activities, engagement in sports, participation in cultural events, or visiting family and friends.

Residence Permit:  Individuals who are nationals and/or residents of India must obtain a residence permit if they intend to live in Norway for a period exceeding 90 days.

Application Procedure for Norway Visa for Indians

Securing a Norway Visa Through Teleport

Step 1: Initiate Your Application:

Go to Teleport's Norway visa application section and click on "Apply for Visa."

Step 2: Enter Your Details and Process the Payment:

Fill in your passport information, opt for either full or partial payment, and follow Teleport's instructions for entering your personal details.

Step 3: Prepare Your Documents:

A dedicated Teleport relationship manager will assist you in gathering all required Norway Visa for Indians  documents for your Norway visa application.

Step 4: Book Your Appointment:

Your Teleport relationship manager will set up a meeting for you at your chosen visa application centre, based on available appointments.

Step 5: Attend the Visa Application Center:

Visit  the centre at your appointed time to provide your biometrics and submit the necessary documents.

✅ Teleport ensures your application and documents are in order before submission.

✅ Receive notifications on your application's progress via WhatsApp and email.

Teleport will promptly notify you of the embassy's decision. All updates will be communicated through the platform, and upon visa approval, you can download it from your Teleport Dashboard.

Apply at VFS Global Application Centre in India

Step 1: Determine Your Visa Type

Start by identifying the appropriate visa type for your trip and ensuring that you meet the eligibility requirements. Familiarise yourself with the necessary documents, estimated processing times, and relevant fees. If your documents are not in English, consider having them translated before proceeding.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Make sure you have all the essential documents for a Norway visa. Read on for a comprehensive document checklist.

Step 3: Begin Your Application

Once you have identified your visa type and collected all the necessary documents, select your visa category and complete the visa application form

Step 4: Schedule Your Appointment

Following the submission of your visa application, it's time to book an appointment at the VFS Visa Application Centre for biometric data collection, which includes fingerprinting and a photograph. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing your appointment letter. If you're applying as part of a family or group, remember that each member must schedule a separate Norway visa appointment.

Step 5: Pay Your Fees

Upon submitting your application, you will be required to pay the visa fee. If you choose to download the form, print it, and bring it to the Visa Application Centre, you can make the payment during your appointment.

After completing your online application, make sure to print the visa application form. These documents are crucial when you submit your application at one of the designated Visa Application Centres.

Visa Application Centres for Norway

LocationOperating Hours (Mon - Fri)


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 16:00

New Delhi

09:00 - 16:00


08:00 - 14:00

You must personally submit your fully completed visa application form and documents at one of the designated Visa Application Centres, unless otherwise instructed. 

Step 7: Track Your Application

If you submitted your application at a VFS Visa Application Centre, you can use the VFS online application tracking tool to check the status of your application. Simply provide the following details:

  1. The reference number issued to you
  2. Your date of birth.

Step 8: Collect Your Visa

Once a decision has been reached regarding your visa application, you have the option to retrieve your documents from the Visa Application Centre or have them delivered to you via courier, subject to an additional fee.

The Embassy of Norway has recently implemented changes in the process for collecting passports from the VFS Visa Application Centre, effective since February 4, 2019. Here are the updated guidelines:

Passports can be collected by:

  1.  Immediate family members (i.e., parents, children, spouse).
  2. A single representative collecting on behalf of a group.
  3. Individuals authorised to collect passports on behalf of government officials, with authorization on official government letterhead or department correspondence.
  4. Representatives of companies, provided they possess an authorization letter on the company's letterhead and an official company identification card.

When individuals falling into the above categories come for passport collection, they should carry the following essential documents:

  • A photocopy of their government-issued ID card.
  • The original ICR (Invoice cum Receipt) document.
  • An authorization letter from the applicant.

For those applicants who prefer not to collect their documents in person or if they don't fall within the authorised categories mentioned above, they should select the courier delivery option during the submission process.

Applicants are kindly requested to ensure that the complete delivery address is clearly stated on the covering letter. In the event that no specific address is provided on the covering letter, the passport will be dispatched to the address indicated on the Visa Application Form.

Norway Visa Document Requirements for Indians

Mandatory Documents

Visa Application Form

Complete the visa application form, sign it, and bring it to your appointment.

Original Passport

  • Valid for at least 3 months beyond  intended travel
  • Must have at least 2 blank pages.
  • Issued within the previous 10 years
  • Copies of the biodata page and all used pages in your passport.
  • Include previous passports if any.


  • Dimensions: 35-40mm
  • Not older than 6 months
  • White background

Bank Statement

  • Submit your own recent bank statement, covering the past six months, with an official stamp and signature from the bank.
  • The statement should be no more than one week old at the time of application.
  • Recommended bank balance is at least NOK 500 (INR 3,700/-) per day per person for the entire trip.
  • Teleport recommends INR 3,00,000 in your bank account

Cover Letter

Signed cover letter from the Application Portal Norway received by email

Travel Insurance

Minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros, specifying coverage for accidents, illness, medical emergencies, and evacuation.

Proof of Accommodation

  • Provide confirmed hotel reservations covering your travel dates.
  • Include reservations for other Schengen countries if you're visiting them.

Flight Reservation

Include both onward and return tickets.

Supporting Documents

If Employed

  • Payslips for the last three months
  • Employment contract
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) with leave dates from your employer on company letterhead.

If Self-Employed

  • Full business registration documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation or GST.

If Student

  • Include proof of enrollment or registration in your school/college/university.
  • Original leave permission letter from the school/college/university.

If Age under 18

  • If you are travelling alone: An original and a copy of letter of consent signed by both parents and legalised. 
  • If you are travelling with only one of your parents: An original and a copy of letter of consent from the other parent and legalised. 
  • If the parent, you are travelling with, has single custody: A shown original and a copy of certificate of single custody.

Guidelines for Norway Visa Application Photo for Indian Citizens

When applying for a Norway visa, Indian applicants must ensure their photograph meets the following criteria:

Recency: The photo must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance.

Size Requirements: Adhere to these dimensions for your visa photo:

  • Dimensions: 35mm x 40mm width x height)
  • The photo should have your face covering 70 to 80% of the frame
  • A plain white background ensures no distractions.

Head Placement: Your head should be centred and fully visible within the frame.

Eyewear and Headwear: Glasses are permitted as long as there’s no reflection on the lenses obscuring the eyes. Religious head coverings are acceptable provided they do not hide any part of the face (from the chin to the forehead and both cheeks and ears fully visible).

Photo Quality: Ensure the photograph is in colour, high-resolution, without any shadows, red-eye effects, or reflections to maintain clarity.

What is the Processing Time of Norway Visa Application for Indians?

Norway visa applications typically take up to 15 to 21 working days to process once received by the embassy or consulate. However, when applications are forwarded to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) for review, the processing period can extend to up to 45 calendar days.

Norway Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Visa TypeFee TypeAmount

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

VFS Appointment Fees

Euro 08 (INR 720/-)

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

Embassy Fees (up to 6 years old)

No Fees

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

Embassy Fees (6-12 years)

Euro 40 (INR 3,580/-)

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

Embassy Fees (12+ years)

Euro 80 (INR 7,250/-)

How Long can Indians Stay in Norway with a Schengen Visa?

Indian passport holders are permitted to stay in Norway for a duration of up to 90 days under a Schengen visa within a span of 180 days. This means you can explore Norway or any other Schengen area countries for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

What is the Validity of a Norway Tourist Visa for Indians?

A Norway tourist visa issued to Indian citizens allows a stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day timeframe. This implies that during a six-month period, travellers from India can spend up to 90 days in Norway.

Can I Extend My Norway Tourist Visa?

Visa extensions in Norway are granted under exceptional circumstances, such as severe illness or unexpected natural disasters.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • An application fee is required.
  • Applicants must adhere to the original visa requirements.
  • Stays in Norway or the Schengen zone must not exceed 90 days.
  • A compelling and unforeseen reason is necessary for extension requests. Valid reasons include accidents, sudden illness of a close family member, or unexpected delays in scheduled business meetings, occurring after your arrival in Norway.

This guidance ensures clarity for those seeking to extend their stay under specific and extraordinary conditions.

How to Check Norway Visa Status for Indians?

For tracking the progress of your Norway visa application, platforms like Teleport are useful, or you can check with VFS Global if you submitted your application through them.

Check Your Norway Visa Application Status with Teleport

If you applied through Teleport, you'll receive updates directly via WhatsApp, email, or on the Teleport Dashboard.

  • To check your application status:
  • Log in to the Teleport Dashboard.
  • Go to 'Your Applications.'
  • Select the submitted application to view its current status.

Track Your Norway Visa Application through VFS Global

For applications made via a visa application centre such as VFS Global, you can follow your application's progress on their website:

  • Visit the VFS Global website for visa status tracking.
  • Choose Norway as your country of application.
  • Enter the reference number you received at the time of application submission.
  • Type in your last name.
  • Click "Submit" to get the latest status of your visa application.

Travel Insurance Requirements for a Norway Visa for Indians

Indians applying for a Norway visa need to have travel medical insurance. Being part of the Schengen agreement, Norway requires visitors to have insurance coverage.

Key points for selecting travel insurance for a Schengen visa include:

  1. Minimum Coverage: Your insurance should provide a minimum of €30,000 coverage for medical emergencies, including illness or accidents, throughout your stay in Norway.
  2. Desirable Features: Look for insurance that covers hospital stays, repatriation, emergency medical transportation, and unforeseen travel complications.
  3. Insurance Providers in India: Consider policies from well-known insurance companies such as Tata AIG, Digit Insurance, and HDFC Ergo that meet your travel needs and financial plan.

Common Reasons for Norway Visa Rejection for Indian Applicants

  1. Submission of False or Altered Documents: Applications can be rejected for submitting false or doctored documents. Always provide genuine documents that meet Norway's visa requirements for Indians.
  2. Inconsistencies in Travel Itinerary: If your submitted travel details, like flight bookings or hotel reservations, don't match your actual travel plans, it could lead to application denial.
  3. Insufficient Financial Proof: It's essential to show adequate funds for your trip, generally around Euro 50 per day. A recommended bank balance is INR 3,00,000 prior to application.
  4. Unclear Purpose of Visit: Applications might be declined if there's any uncertainty regarding the purpose of your visit or if there's a risk of overstaying.
  5. Limited Travel History: Applicants with minimal international travel history, especially for specific visa categories or frequent travellers, might face challenges.
  6. Damaged Passport: Applications can be rejected for passports that are in poor condition, such as with tears, missing pages, or insufficient validity. Ensure your passport is in good shape and valid.

Teleport’s Expert Tip

What to do if My Norway Visa Application is Refused?

Option 1: Consider Reapplying

If your first Norway visa application was not approved, you have the option to apply again immediately. There’s no required waiting period following a rejection. However, it's important to address any problems that caused the initial denial before submitting a new application. Be aware, submitting a new application does not guarantee that you will receive the visa.

Option 2: Make an Appeal

If a decision has been made on your application by the embassy, you are required to submit your appeal to the same embassy.

Eligibility to appeal

An appeal can be lodged only by the actual applicant (the person intending to visit or reside in Norway) or by an individual who has received power of attorney or authorization from the applicant. If you are a family member, employer, or friend of the applicant in Norway and wish to appeal on their behalf, you must have received authorization from the applicant.

Deadline for initiating an appeal

You must file your appeal within three weeks from the date when you, your authorised representative, or your attorney received the decision or should have become aware of it. If you haven't managed to gather all the necessary documentation within the three-week timeframe, you must still submit your appeal within the deadline. However, you can mention in your appeal that you intend to provide additional documentation. In such cases, you will be given an additional two-week deadline to submit the required documents.

Appeal Process

Compose a letter in which you specify the decision you are appealing and outline the reasons why you believe the decision you received is incorrect. The letter should be written in either Norwegian or English. Ensure that the letter is signed, as appeals without a signature will be rejected

Send the letter to the embassy. If you have any new information or documents, make sure to enclose them. Details on how to submit the appeal can be found in the rejection letter.

Upon submitting your appeal, the embassy will review your case. The embassy has the authority to either approve your appeal or forward it to UDI for further consideration. UDI will subsequently reassess your case and may either accept or reject your appeal. If your appeal is also denied by UDI, there are no further avenues for appeal.


There is no cost associated with the appeal process.

Do I Need an Airport Transit Visa for Norway?

Understanding the need for an airport transit visa (ATV) for Norway is crucial and depends on two distinct situations:

  1. Transiting Through an Airport's International Transit Zone: This is when you remain in the airport's international transit area, without exiting it. For example, if your connecting flight is booked under the same PNR, you don't need to leave the transit area, and hence, an ATV is not required.
  2. Transiting Across a Country's Territory Through an Airport: This occurs if you have to leave the airport's international transit area. Possessing an Airport Transit Visa allows you to stay within the international transit zone of a Norwegian airport while waiting for your next flight to a non-Schengen destination. Please note, this visa does not permit entry into the Schengen area for other purposes, such as hotel stays or catching another flight to a Schengen country.

What to Do Upon Arriving at a Norway Airport?

  1. Organise Your Travel Documents: Make sure you have all your essential documents, including your passport, a valid Norway visa (if necessary), return flight ticket, and details of your accommodation, ready for inspection by immigration officers. This ensures a swift and hassle-free entry.
  2. Advice for Minors Travelling Alone: Minors flying without companions should stay close to the designated flight attendant for safety. Upon arrival, they should immediately find the adult meeting them at the airport for a secure and smooth welcome.
  3. Understand Norway's Entry Regulations: Familiarise yourself with Norway's customs rules before your arrival. If you need to declare any items or if your baggage needs to be inspected, proceed to the customs area promptly. Being informed about these regulations beforehand can avoid potential problems during the customs process.

Following these guidelines and being aware of Norway’s entry and customs regulations can facilitate a seamless and efficient arrival experience at the Norwegian airport.


To sum up, applying for a Norwegian tourist visa requires meticulous attention to various essential steps and particulars. It's crucial to acquaint yourself with the visa prerequisites and application process, compile all necessary documents, and ensure you have sufficient travel insurance.

Norway does not issue visas on arrival, so you must apply through recognized channels like Teleport or VFS Global. Upon your arrival in Norway, adhering to the country's entry protocols is vital for a smooth admission.

With proper preparation and adherence to the required procedures, visitors from India can anticipate a delightful stay in Norway, experiencing its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities.

For further queries or support, our team is available to assist you. You can contact us at 0 73148 52914 or via WhatsApp.

Safe travels and an extraordinary Norwegian adventure await you!