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Netherlands Business Visa: Eligibility, Requirements & Application Process

Last Update: 22-04-2024

⚡Quick Summary

Is a visa required for Indians visiting the Netherlands for business?

Yes, Indian passport holders must obtain a Schengen visa to engage in business activities in the Netherlands.

Processing time for a Netherlands business visa

15 to 21 working days

Netherlands business visa fees for Indians

  1. Appointment fees: Euro 18
  2. Embassy fees: Euro 80

Validity of the Netherlands business visa

180 Days (Depends on the embassy)

Allowed stay duration on a Netherlands business visa

90 Days

How to apply for a Netherlands business visa

  1. Apply through Teleport in minutes.
  2. Apply through the VFS Visa Application Centre.

Required documents for a Netherlands business visa

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Passport 
  3. Photograph 
  4. Round-trip flight bookings
  5. Cover Letter
  6. Bank Statement (last 3 months)
  7. Invitation Letter from the inviting company.
  8. Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (last 2 years)
  9. Travel Itinerary
  10. Travel Medical Insurance - Euro 30,000
  11. Hotel Bookings
  12. See other documents

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Netherlands Business Visa?
  3. Eligibility for Netherlands Business Visa
  4. Documents Required for Netherlands Business Visa
  5. How to Apply for a Netherlands Business Visa?
  6. Processing Time for Netherlands Business Visa
  7. Netherlands Business Visa Fees
  8. Validity and Duration of Stay for a Netherlands Business Visa
  9. Extension Process for a Netherlands Business Visa
  10. Common Reasons for Netherlands Business Visa Application Rejections
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs


Planning a business trip from India to the Netherlands? This guide provides all the essential information Indian travellers need to successfully apply for a business visa to the Netherlands.

We cover everything from required documents to the application process, and associated fees. If you need additional help, feel free to contact Team Teleport at 073148 52914 or send us a message on WhatsApp.

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What is a Netherlands Business Visa?

A Netherlands business visa is a type of Schengen visa, also called a type C visa that allows travel to the Netherlands for business-related activities. This visa is suitable for those who need to attend meetings, conferences, training, or engage in business negotiations within the Netherlands.

Eligibility for Netherlands Business Visa

Indian citizens who want to apply for a Netherlands business visa need to meet specific eligibility criteria and provide various documents as part of the application process. Here’s what’s generally required:

Valid Passport: The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the return date of the stay in the Schengen area, with at least two blank pages.

Purpose of Visit: The main purpose should be to engage in business activities such as meetings, seminars, conferences, or trade fairs. Proof of this, such as an invitation letter from the company in the Netherlands, should be provided.

Invitation Letter: This should be from the Dutch company you are visiting and should detail the nature of the business relationship, the duration of the visit, and the purpose of the trip.

Documents Required for Netherlands Business Visa

Mandatory Documents

Visa Application Form

  • A completed and signed visa application form
  • To be filled on embassy website

Original Passport

  • Your passport should have a minimum of two blank pages.
  • It must be valid for at least three months beyond the end of your trip.
  • The passport should have been issued within the last ten years.


  • The photo must not be older than 6 months.
  • It should clearly resemble you.
  • The dimensions must be 35 mm x 45 mm (width x height).
  • The distance between the chin and the crown should be between 26 mm and 30 mm for individuals aged 11 years and older.
  • For those under 11 years old, the distance should be between 19 mm and 30 mm.
  • The head should be fully visible and positioned at the centre of the photo.

Invitation Letter

  • Invitation from the inviting company or organisation with below details mentioned:
  • the applicant's identity;
  • the purpose of the journey (meetings, conferences, training or business related events);
  • the period and place of intended stay

Bank Statement

  • Submit your own recent bank statement, covering the past three months, with an official stamp and signature from the bank.
  • The statement should be no more than one week old at the time of application.
  • Recommended bank balance is at least Euro 55 (INR 4,800/-) per person per day for the entire trip

Income Tax Returns

Indian income tax return acknowledgment for the last two assessment years

Cover Letter

Clearly state the purpose of your trip with a full itinerary.

Travel Itinerary

If visiting multiple Schengen States, they should present evidence of an intra-Schengen flight reservation, train itinerary, or car rental.

Travel Insurance

Minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros, specifying coverage for accidents, illness, medical emergencies, and evacuation.

Proof of Accommodation

  • For hotel stays or holiday rentals, provide booking confirmations.
  • If you plan to stay with a family member or friend, you must provide proof of sponsorship and accommodation from your host.
  • If your travel includes multiple Schengen States, ensure you have proof of lodging arrangements for each of them.

Flight Reservation

Confirmation of round-trip flight ticket booking

Residence Proof

Provide an ID confirming your residence in the jurisdiction of the Embassy/Consulate.

Supporting Documents

If Employed

  • Employment contract
  • Employer's NOC letter confirming approved leave with company seal.
  • Pay slips of the last 3 months.

If Self-Employed

  • Certificate of registration of the company
  • Company IT Return for last 2 years.
  • Original private bank statement showing movements in the last three months, duly stamped and signed by the bank

If Married

  • If the applicant is married and doesn't have proof of marital status in their passport, they should provide a copy of the ration card if it's applicable.
  • If Divorced - Divorce papers.

If Sponsored

  • If trip is sponsored by someone else, provide their bank statement for the last three months
  • If a trip is sponsored, a cover letter stating the financial support provided.

Photo Specification for Netherlands Business Visa

Here are the photo requirements for a Netherlands business visa application:

Recentness: The photo should be recent, taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance.

Size Requirements: 

  • Dimensions should be 35 mm wide by 45 mm high.
  • The face width should range from 16 mm to 20 mm.
  • The distance from chin to crown for those aged 11 and older should be between 26 mm and 30 mm. For children under 11, this distance can vary from 19 mm to 30 mm.

Background: Choose a plain background in white, light grey, or light blue.

Head Positioning: Ensure your head is straight, facing forward, and centred. Eyes should be level, shoulders straight, and the facial expression neutral. The entire head must be visible in the frame.

Photo Quality: The photograph must be in colour and not altered digitally. It should have a minimum resolution of 400 dpi and be free from shadows, red-eye, and reflections.

Eyewear: Glasses are allowed if they have clear lenses and no reflections.

Headwear: Religious headwear is acceptable as long as it does not cover the face. While ears do not need to be shown, the entire width of the face must be visible.

Guidelines for Children Under 6: For children below six, the requirements for eye alignment and straight shoulders are relaxed. Any support for the child should not be visible in the photo.

How to Apply for a Netherlands Business Visa?

Apply for a Netherlands Business Visa Through Teleport

Step 1: Start Your Application Process

Access the Netherlands visa application on Teleport’s website and select "Start Application" under netherlands business visa section 

Step 2: Enter Your Details and Make Payment

Provide your passport details, choose between full or partial payment, and follow Teleport's instructions for entering personal information.

Step 3: Collect Your Documents

A Relationship Manager from Teleport will help you gather all required documents for your Netherlands business visa application.

Step 4: Book Your Appointment at the Visa Application Centre

Your Relationship Manager will set up an appointment at your chosen visa application centre based on availability.

Step 5: Attend Your Appointment

Go to the centre at the appointed time to give your biometrics and submit the necessary documents.

✅ Teleport verifies your application and documents are correct before submission.

✅ Receive updates on your visa application status via WhatsApp and email from Teleport.

You will be notified about the embassy's decision through the platform. Following visa approval, you can download it from your Teleport Dashboard.

Get a Netherlands Business Visa Through VFS Global Application Centre in India

Step 1: Determine Your Visa Type

Start by selecting the appropriate visa for your business trip and ensure you meet all criteria. Consider translating documents not in English.

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

Gather all documents needed for a Netherlands business visa. Continue reading for a detailed list.

Step 3: Schedule Your Appointment

After applying for your visa, book an appointment at a VFS Visa Application Centre for fingerprinting and a photo. You will receive a confirmation email with your appointment details. Each family member must book their own appointment.

Step 4: Pay Your Fees

Pay the visa fee when you submit your application. If you bring a printed form to the Visa Application Centre, you can pay during your appointment.

Step 5: Visit the Visa Application Centre

After completing your online application, print out the form. Bring these documents when you submit your application at a Visa Application Centre.

Netherlands Visa VFS Centres in India

LocationWorking Hours (Mon - Fri)

New Delhi

09:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 16:00


08:00 – 16:00


08:00 – 14:00


08:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 17:00


08:00 – 15:00


09:00 – 18:00

You must submit your completed application and documents in person at a designated Visa Application Centre.

Step 6: Monitor Your Application

Track the status of your application online using the VFS application tracking tool. Simply fill in your reference number and date of birth to view the status of your application.

Step 7: Collect Your Visa

When your application is processed, pick up your documents from the Visa Application Centre or opt for delivery at an additional charge.

Processing Time for Netherlands Business Visa

The usual processing period for a Netherlands business visa for Indians ranges from 15 to 21 working days after your visit to the Visa Application Centre.

Netherlands Business Visa Fees

Visa TypeFee TypeAmount

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

VFS Appointment Fees

€ 18 (INR 1,636/-)

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

Embassy Fees (up to 6 years old)

No Fees

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

Embassy Fees (6-12 years)

€ 40 (INR 3,400/-)

Schengen Visa (Type - C)

Embassy Fees (12+ years)

€ 80 (INR 6,800/-)

Validity and Duration of Stay for a Netherlands Business Visa

A Netherlands business visa for Indians, as part of the Schengen visa category, typically allows for a short stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This is the standard duration for a Schengen short-stay visa.

Validity: The actual validity of the visa can vary depending on the consulate's discretion and the applicant's travel itinerary. While the maximum period for any stay is 90 days, the visa can be issued for:

  • Single Entry: This allows the visa holder to enter the Schengen Area only once for the duration specified.
  • Multiple Entries: This permits multiple entries into the Schengen Area, useful for business travellers who need to visit several times over a period. The total combined stay in the Schengen Area, however, must not exceed 90 days within a 180-day period.


The visa sticker on your passport will detail the validity and the number of entries allowed.

Extension Process for a Netherlands Business Visa

Here's a explanation of the process and costs involved in extending a Netherlands business visa or Schengen visa for up to 90 days under exceptional circumstances:

Step 1: Check Eligibility  

Ensure you qualify for an extension, which is only granted in extraordinary and unforeseen situations.

Step 2: Prepare Documents  

Collect the necessary documents for your application:  

  • Your valid passport.  
  • Documentation explaining the unexpected and specific circumstances, such as medical reports or an urgent business invitation.  
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to support your extended stay and return travel.  
  • Travel insurance that includes medical coverage for the extended period.

Step 3: Submit Your Application  

To apply for an extension, visit an IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) desk. Contact the IND to book an appointment and take all the required documents with you.

Step 4: Pay the Fee  

The fee for extending a Schengen visa is €30. This fee is payable during your appointment at the IND desk.

Step 5: Receive the Outcome  

The IND will review your application at your appointment. The outcome will be either:  

  • Approval, where a sticker will be placed in your passport to confirm the extension.  
  • Rejection, where if unsatisfied with the decision, you can ask the IND staff for a written rejection notice, which you will receive within 2 weeks.

Common Reasons for Netherlands Business Visa Application Rejections

There are several common reasons why a Netherlands business visa application from Indian applicants might be rejected. Understanding these reasons can help in preparing a more robust application:

  1. Insufficient Documentation: Incomplete applications or missing necessary documents like invitation letters, proof of financial means, or travel insurance can lead to a visa denial.
  2. Lack of Proof of Return: If the visa officers are not convinced that the applicant will return to India after the business visit, they may reject the application. This could be due to a lack of strong ties to India such as employment, family, or property.
  3. Proof of Financial Means: Applicants must convincingly demonstrate they have enough funds to cover their entire stay in the Netherlands. This is typically shown through recent bank statements. It is recommended to have a minimum bank balance of INR 3,00,000 per traveller.
  4. Invalid Travel Insurance: Travel insurance that does not cover the entire duration of the trip or all Schengen territories can result in a visa rejection. It must have a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.
  5. Unclear Purpose of Visit: If the purpose of the visit is not clearly stated or documented, such as lacking a detailed schedule of the business activities or an invitation from the hosting company in the Netherlands, the application might be denied.
  6. Questionable Invitation Letter: An invitation letter that lacks details such as the address of the company, contact information, the applicant’s planned activities, and the nature of the business relationship can be a red flag.


With this guide, securing a Netherlands business visa can be quite straightforward. Just make sure you fulfil the specific requirements for your business-related travel. The Netherlands offers a wealth of culture and stunning scenery for you to discover.

Enjoy your business trip!

For an easy experience applying for your Netherlands business visa, consider using Teleport. Our straightforward platform helps ensure your application meets all the necessary standards.

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