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Quick and Easy Saudi Visa Status Check: A Step-by-Step Guide

Last Update: 25-06-2024

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Check your Saudi Visa Status?
  3. Requirements for Saudi Arabia Visa Check Online
  4. How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status Online?
  5. Other Methods for Saudi Visa Application Status Tracking
  6. How to Check Saudi Visa Status with Passport Number?
  7. Common Issues in Saudi Visa Status Check
  8. Conclusion


When going to Saudi Arabia, knowing how to check your visa status is key to a hassle free trip. Whether you’re going for business, tourism or Umrah, the type of visa and its status is crucial to your journey. Sometimes checking your visa status can be overwhelming but with the right tools and information, it’s a breeze.

This blog will walk you through how to check your Saudi visa status using different methods so you’re all set for your trip to Saudi Arabia.

Why Check your Saudi Visa Status?

It is important to regularly keep an eye on Saudi visa check for the following reasons: 

  1. Planning and Preparation: Knowing your visa status helps you plan your trip better. You can book your flights, accommodation and other logistics only when you are sure your visa is approved and ready for collection or has been sent to you.
  2. Avoiding Delays: Checking your visa status regularly can help you identify any issues or additional requirements that might be holding up the process. This proactive approach allows you to address these issues promptly so your application doesn’t get delayed.
  3. Compliance: For certain types of visas like work or residency visas, knowing the exact status is crucial for compliance with local immigration laws. It ensures you meet all legal requirements and avoid penalties or deportation due to expired or invalid visas.
  4. Employment and Study Commitments: For those traveling for work or study, knowing your visa status is important to coordinate with your employer or educational institution. They can inform relevant stakeholders of your expected arrival and start dates.
  5. Contingency Planning: If your application is delayed or denied, checking the status allows you to make alternative arrangements or seek remedies such as appealing the decision or else apply for a different type of visa.

Overall, regularly checking the status of your Saudi Arabia visa application is a key part of ensuring a smooth and successful entry into the country.

Requirements for Saudi Arabia Visa Check Online

For Saudi visa status check online, you will need to meet the requirements and have the following information ready. Here are the key elements required for online visa status check on the official Saudi Arabia portals such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) website:

  1. Application or Visa Number: This is the number given to you when you submitted your visa application. It’s required to access your specific visa status.
  2. ID Number: This could be your passport number or Saudi ID if you have one. For foreigners it’s usually the passport number.

How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status Online?

To perform a Saudi Arabia visa check online, you can use two main platforms: the Teleport Dashboard (assuming this is a service you're using) and the official Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MOFA government portal. Here's how you can track your Saudi Arabia visa application on each:

Track Saudi Visa Application Status using KSA Government Portal

To track your Saudi Arabia visa application status using KSA website follow these steps: 

  • Visit  KSA Government Portal: First go to the official government portal of Saudi Arabia.
  • Track Your Application: On the homepage, click on ‘Track Your Application’ which is usually on the top right side of the website.
  • Enter Application/Visa Number: Enter the application or visa number that was given to you when you submitted your visa application. This number is unique to your application.
  • Enter ID Number: Enter your ID number which can be your passport number. If you are a resident or have a sponsor in Saudi Arabia, you can also enter Saudi Arabia national ID.

Saudi Arabia visa status tracking using KSA website

  • Fill Captcha: Fill in the Captcha as prompted to verify that your request is not automated.
  • Submit Tracking Request: Click on ‘Track My Application’. This will process your information and show you the current status of your Saudi visa application.

This process will provide you with up-to-date information regarding your visa application status directly from the Saudi Arabian government's system.

Saudi Visa Application Status Tracking using Teleport

If applied for your Saudi visa using Teleport, follow the steps given below to track your Saudi Arabia visa application: 

  1. Log in to Your Teleport Account: First, log in to your Teleport account with your credentials. This is the central hub for all your visa application activities.
  2. Go to the Dashboard: Once logged in, go to the dashboard. Here you will see a list of all your active and historical visa applications. Find the visa application you want to track.
  3. Status: Click on your recent Saudi visa application to see its current status which might say ‘Under Review’, ‘Documents Reviewed’ an/or, ‘Approved’. 
  4. Notifications: Make sure you are subscribed to Teleport’s notifications which could be through email or SMS. This way you will get updates as soon as there is any change or further action required on your visa application.
  5. Customer Support: For any further assistance or specific questions, Teleport has dedicated support through various channels, including WhatsApp, email or phone. Use these to get tailored support and detailed information about your Saudi visa application.

Other Methods for Saudi Visa Application Status Tracking

Other ways for Saudi visa check besides online tracking you can contact the official channels directly. Here’s how you can reach out to the Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate:

  • Phone: 0091 11 2410 2000, 0091 11 2611 1008
  • Email: 

These are the contact numbers to inquire about visa applications, resolve issues or for further assistance regarding visa status from Saudi Arabia authorities.

Postal Address:

  • Postal Code: 11544
  • P.O. Box: 55937

Unified Contact Service Center (Digital Services):

Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Jeddah Branch:

  • Phone: +966 12 604 7000

Dammam Branch:

  • Phone: +966 13 806 4100

Al Madina Branch:

  • Phone: +966 14 861 7100

  • Address: King Saud Road - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Email: 
  • Phone: 00966 11 407 7777, 00966 11 441 4588
  • Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 7 AM to 5 PM.

How to Check Saudi Visa Status with Passport Number?

To check your Saudi visa status using your passport number on the official Saudi Arabia website, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Official KSA Government Portal: Visit the KSA MOFA website.
  • Find the Visa Tracking Section: On the website, look for the section or link labeled as ‘Track Your Application’. It’s usually located at the top for easy access.
  • Enter Your Application/Visa Number: You will be asked to enter the application or visa number. This number was given to you when you applied for the visa and is unique to your application.
  • Enter Your Passport Number: In the ID number field, enter your passport number. This is your secondary ID and is required to retrieve your specific visa application status.

Saudi visa status tracking using passport number

  • Complete Any Security Checks: You may need to fill in a captcha or complete another security check. This is a standard procedure to secure your information.
  • Submit: Click on the button labeled ‘Track my application’. This will process your request and show you the current status of your visa.

You can now see your Saudi visa application status using your passport number. 

Common Issues in Saudi Visa Status Check

Checking your Saudi visa status online can sometimes be tricky. Here are some common problems you might encounter and how to fix them:

  1. Wrong Application or Visa Number: If you enter the wrong application or visa number, you’ll get an error or no result. Double check the visa or application number. Make sure you entered it exactly as it is in your documents.
  2. System Errors or Downtime: When the Saudi government portal is down for maintenance or experiencing technical issues, you can’t access your visa status. Try again later. If the issue persists, contact the support or help desk of the portal for updates on when the service will be available again.
  3. Wrong ID Number: Entering the wrong passport number or other ID details. Check your ID number (usually your passport number) and re-enter it carefully.
  4. Security Verification Failures: Failing the captcha or other security checks will block your access to your visa status.

By knowing these common issues and how to fix them, you can better navigate checking a Saudi visa status and stay updated on your visa application.


Tracking your Saudi visa status is a crucial step in the preparation process for traveling to Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re using the online portals like KSA MOFA or alternative methods like contacting Saudi missions directly, being proactive in monitoring your visa application will save you from potential issues.

Knowing the types of issues that may arise and how to fix them will make your travel planning easier. Follow the steps and tips in this guide and you’ll be more ready to navigate Saudi visa rules and have a hassle free entry to Saudi Arabia.


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