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How To Apply For A Canada Business Visa: Requirements, Application & Fees

Last Update: 09-07-2024

Canada Business Visa

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Canada Business Visa?
  3. Eligibility Criteria for a Canada Business Visa
  4. Canada Business Visa Requirements for Indians
  5. How to Apply for a Canada Business Visa from India?
  6. Canada Business Visa Processing Time
  7. Canada Business Visa Fees
  8. Validity of a Canada Business Visa
  9. How to Extend a Canada Business Visa?
  10. Business Activities Permitted on a Canada Business Visa
  11. Common Reasons for Canada Business Visa Rejection
  12. What to Do If Your Canada Business Visa Is Rejected
  13. Final Thought
  14. FAQs


Applying for a business visa for Canada can be a great opportunity for professionals to engage in business activities in Canada. The Canada business visa also known as business visitor visa allows individuals to visit Canada for business purposes like attending meetings, conferences or trade fairs. This visa is valid for 10 years and allows multiple entries and stay of up to 6 months per visit. However please note that this visa does not allow gainful employment in Canada.

Understanding the application process, meeting the eligibility criteria and providing the necessary documents are the key steps to successfully get a business visa for Canada from India. By going through the requirements and process laid down by the Government of Canada you can simplify your business visa application and increase your chances of approval.

This guide will cover all the aspects of a Canada business visa for Indian applicants including requirements, application process, fees, processing time and what to do if your visa application is rejected. Whether you are a seasoned business traveller or a first time applicant this guide will make the process easy and ensure you are well prepared to navigate Canadian business immigration.

What is a Canada Business Visa?

A Canada business visa, also known as a business visitor visa, allows individuals to visit Canada for business-related activities such as attending meetings, conferences, or events. Holders of this visa can stay in Canada for up to six months per visit. The visa can be valid for up to ten years, allowing multiple entries into Canada during its validity period. This visa does not permit holders to engage in gainful employment or work while in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for a Canada Business Visa

To qualify for a Canada business visa, also known as a business visitor visa, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  1. Duration of Stay: Plan to stay in Canada for less than 6 months.
  2. Work Restrictions: Do not intend to enter the Canadian labour market or engage in any form of employment.
  3. Business Ties: Demonstrate that your primary place of business, income, and profits are outside Canada.
  4. Supporting Documents: Provide documents that substantiate your visa application.
  5. Basic Entry Requirements: Meet Canada’s basic entry criteria, including having a valid travel document (such as a passport), sufficient funds for your stay, a plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit, and no criminal, security, or health risks to Canadians.

Canada Business Visa Requirements for Indians

For a Canada business visa application, you need to provide several key documents and meet specific requirements:

  1. Identity Document: Acceptable documents include passports (regular, official, or diplomatic) from most countries, as well as specific travel documents like Form I-327 and Form I-571.
  2. Use of a Representative: If someone is applying on your behalf, they must complete form IMM 5476 and submit it with your application.
  3. Travel History: Include copies of previous visas from Canada or other countries to demonstrate your travel experience and visa compliance.
  4. Itinerary: Provide documents outlining your planned stay duration and activities in Canada.
  5. Bank Account Statement: Show proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Canada.
  6. Employer Information: Include a letter from your employer confirming your employment status, ensuring your return to your job after the visit.
  7. Authority to Release Information (IMM 5475): If you want IRCC to disclose your personal information to a designated individual, complete this form.
  8. Letter of Invitation: If applicable, provide a letter from a Canadian business or company confirming the purpose of your visit.

Ensure all required documents are submitted accurately and meet IRCC's guidelines to support your Canada business visa application effectively.

How to Apply for a Canada Business Visa from India?

Here are the steps to apply for the Canada business visa India through Teleport,  VFS Global and the IRCC Portal:

Apply through Teleport:

Follow these easy steps for a stress free Canada business visa application:

Step 1: Start your application

Start your Canada business visa application on our platform.

Step 2: Fill in the details

Fill in your travel and business details and pay your visa through Teleport. You can pay full or partial upfront.

Step 3: Document Preparation and Review

Your dedicated manager will review and collate all documents for your Canada business visa application.

Step 4: Book Your Appointment

Your dedicated manager will book an appointment for you at the nearest VFS Visa Application Centre.

Step 5: Attend and Submit Biometrics

Visit the VFS Visa Application Centre on your appointment date to submit your biometrics and documents.

After your appointment, you can have your passport couriered or picked up personally from the visa centre.

Applying through VFS Global:

Step 1: Visit the VFS Global Website: Go to the official VFS Global website for Canada visa applications in India.

Step 2: Create an Account: If you are a first-time user, create an account on the VFS Global website.

Step 3: Complete Application Form: Fill out the Canada visa application form accurately. Provide all required personal details and information about your visit.

Step 4: Gather Required Documents: Collect all necessary documents such as passport, photographs, proof of funds, travel itinerary, proof of employment, and any specific documents related to your business visit.

Step 5: Book an Appointment: Schedule an appointment at the nearest VFS Global Visa Application Centre (VAC). Ensure you select the correct visa category (Business Visitor Visa).

Step 6: Visit VFS Global Centre: On the appointment day, visit the VFS Global Centre with your application form and supporting documents.

Step 7: Biometric Data Submission: Provide your biometric information (fingerprints and photograph) at the VFS Global Centre.

Step 8: Pay Visa Fee: Pay the visa application fee at the VFS Global Centre. Fees can usually be paid by credit/debit card or demand draft.

Step 9: Track Application Status: Use the tracking ID provided by VFS Global to monitor the status of your visa application.

Step 10: Receive Passport: Once processed, collect your passport from the VFS Global Centre or opt for courier delivery, depending on the service chosen.

Applying through IRCC Portal:

Step 1: Obtain an Invite Code: If it’s your first time using the IRCC Portal, obtain an invite code to create an account.

Step 2: Create IRCC Account: Use the invite code to create an account on the IRCC Portal and sign in.

Step 3: Complete Online Application: Fill out the online application form on the IRCC Portal. Provide accurate details about your personal information, purpose of visit, and supporting documentation.

Step 4: Upload Documents: Upload all required documents electronically. This includes passport scans, photographs, financial documents, travel itinerary, and any specific documents related to your business visit.

Step 5: Pay Visa Fees: Pay the visa application fees online using a credit card or other accepted payment methods on the IRCC Portal.

Step 6: Submit Application: Submit your completed application and uploaded documents through the IRCC Portal.

Step 7: Receive Acknowledgment: Receive an acknowledgment of receipt with a tracking number for your application.

Step 8: Biometric Appointment: If biometric information (fingerprints and photograph) is required, schedule an appointment at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) as instructed.

Step 9: Track Application Status: Monitor the status of your application through the IRCC Portal using the tracking number provided.

Step 10: Receive Passport: Once processed, your passport with the visa (if approved) will be returned to you via the method chosen during application submission.

These steps outline the process for applying for a Canada business visa from India through both VFS Global and the IRCC Portal, ensuring you follow the correct procedures for each application method.

Canada Business Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Canada business visa typically ranges from 30 to 60 working days. To check the exact duration for your application, which may vary due to seasonal factors or consulate workload, you can visit the Immigration and Citizenship website. Navigate to the "Check processing time" section, select the visa type (temporary residence), specify the type of temporary residence application, and indicate your location of application.

The processing time indicates how long it has historically taken to process most complete applications. It does not include the time required for sending applications between visa application centres and immigration offices, or the time needed for biometric data submission. Processing time begins from the day your complete application is received and ends when a decision is made. Variations may occur based on application volumes or the complexity of your case. Incomplete applications may experience delays or be returned.

Canada Business Visa Fees

The fees for a Canada Business Visa (Business Visitor Visa) are as follows:

Visa Processing Fee: CAD 100

  • This fee is non-refundable and must be paid when you submit your application.

Biometric Fee: CAD 85

  • If required, this fee is also non-refundable and covers the cost of biometric data collection (fingerprints and a photo).

Please note that these fees are subject to change and should be verified at the time of application. Additionally, other fees or service charges may apply depending on the specific circumstances of your application or if you choose to use additional services, such as expedited processing or courier services.

Validity of a Canada Business Visa

A Canada Business Visa, also known as a Business Visitor Visa, typically allows multiple entries and is valid for up to 10 years or until the passport's expiry date, whichever comes first. Each stay can be for a maximum duration of up to 6 months per entry. It's important to note that the exact validity period can vary based on individual circumstances and at the discretion of the visa officer processing the application.

How to Extend a Canada Business Visa?

To extend your stay in Canada on a Business Visa, you need to apply for a Visitor Record, which allows you to remain in Canada longer as a visitor or for specific work or study purposes without a permit. Here’s a simplified guide on how to proceed:

When to Apply

Apply for a Visitor Record before your current status expires. If you're unsure when your status ends, find out your permitted stay duration.

Application Process

Apply online through the IRCC portal. Ensure your application includes all required documents and details, such as biometrics (fingerprints and photo).

Steps to Apply:

  1. Prepare Documents: Scan or photograph your documents, including passport details, and ensure they are clear and legible.
  2. Online Application: Create or log into your IRCC account, answer application questions accurately, and pay the required fees online.
  3. Biometrics: Schedule and attend a biometrics appointment if needed. This involves providing your fingerprints and photo.

  • Processing Time: The processing time for a Visitor Record application varies but can typically take around 88 days. Monitor your application status through your IRCC account.

If you plan to leave Canada during the application process, ensure you have a valid entry document like a visa or eTA to return.

Once approved, your Visitor Record will include a new expiry date, indicating when you must leave Canada.

Applying online helps streamline the process and allows for quicker updates on your application status. If unable to apply online, you can submit a paper application in certain circumstances.

Business Activities Permitted on a Canada Business Visa

Activities permitted under a Canada business visa include:

  • Purchasing Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government.
  • Taking orders for goods or services.
  • Attending meetings, conferences, conventions, or trade fairs.
  • Providing after-sales service as part of a warranty or sales agreement.
  • Receiving training from a Canadian parent company (if employed by them outside Canada).
  • Training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company.
  • Receiving training from a Canadian company from which you purchased equipment or services.

If your intended stay exceeds 6 months or involves employment in Canada, you may need to apply for a work permit instead of a business visitor visa.

Common Reasons for Canada Business Visa Rejection

  1. Lack of Travel History: If you haven't travelled outside your home country before, your visa application might be rejected. This can be addressed with strong legal arguments and case references.
  2. Length of Stay: Stating a long stay duration on your application requires showing significant financial resources.
  3. Real Purpose of Visit: Insufficient explanation of the reason for travel can result in Canada visa rejection. Ensure you provide a clear and detailed purpose for your visit.
  4. Lack of Employment Prospects in Home Country: A weak employment situation in your home country can negatively impact your application.
  5. Current Employment Situation: Your current job stability and employment status are crucial factors in the decision process.
  6. Personal Assets: Insufficient personal assets can lead to visa refusal.
  7. Host in Canada Financial Situation: Lack of proper financial documentation from your host in Canada can cause rejection.
  8. Unauthentic Documents: Submitting documents that do not appear genuine can result in refusal.
  9. History of Overstaying: Previous instances of overstaying in Canada can negatively impact your current application.
  10. Illegal Status: Having illegal status in your current country of residence can lead to rejection.

What to Do If Your Canada Business Visa Is Rejected

If your Canada business visa application is rejected, reapplying with the same information, even with an immigration or travel agent, will not change the decision. Here’s what to understand and consider:

Reasons for Rejection

The application may be refused because:

  1. Intention to Stay Beyond Authorised Period: The official may believe you’ll overstay your authorised duration in Canada.
  2. Inadmissibility: You may be deemed inadmissible to Canada for various reasons.


Reapplying with the Same Information: Submitting a new application with the same information will not change the outcome. It will only cost you more money and delay processing for other applicants.

Changed Situations: If your circumstances change, you may apply again with new information. Situations that qualify as changed include:

  • Approval of criminal rehabilitation application.
  • Eligibility for deemed rehabilitation.
  • The application for a temporary resident permit despite inadmissibility.
  • Change in medical inadmissibility status.

  1. Review Rejection Reasons: Carefully review the reasons for rejection provided by the visa office.
  2. Address Issues: If applicable, take steps to address the issues that led to rejection. For example, seek criminal rehabilitation or gather additional documentation to prove your intention to return to your home country.
  3. Consult a Reputable Expert: If needed, consult a reputable immigration lawyer or expert to understand your options and prepare a stronger application.
  4. Submit New Information: Only reapply if you have significant new information or changes in your situation that directly address the reasons for the initial rejection.

By understanding and addressing the reasons for your visa rejection, you can better prepare for a potential reapplication in the future.

Final Thought

Business visa to Canada can seem complex but with the right information and preparation it is doable. The key is to understand the Canada business visa requirements and ensure all documents are accurate and complete. If your application is rejected please review the reasons given by the visa office and address the issues before reapplying. 

Canada business visa processing time can vary so apply well in advance of your travel date. Remember the Government of Canada emphasises on showing strong ties to your home country and clear intentions for your visit to Canada. Stay informed, stay prepared and make the most of your business opportunities in Canada. Whether you are applying for the Canada business visa for Indian citizens or from another country the goal is to present a strong case that meets all the requirements of the Government of Canada. 



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