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Mastering Bulgaria Visa For Indians: Types, Requirements, Application & Fees

Last Update: 04-06-2024

Bulgaria Visa For Indians

Quick Summary

Do Indians need a visa to visit Bulgaria

Do Indians need a visa to visit Bulgaria?

Yes, Indians need a Schengen visa to visit Bulgaria.

Processing time

Processing time

15 to 30 working days



Visa fee - ₹ 7,600 (€ 80) VFS fee - ₹ 2,070



180 Days

Stay duration

Stay duration

90 Days

How to apply?

How to apply?

Apply through VFS Global visa application centres in India

Documents Required

Documents Required

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Passport
  3. Photograph
  4. Travel Health Insurance
  5. Cover Letter
  6. Travel Itinerary
  7. Round-trip Flight Reservation
  8. Proof of Sufficient Funds - bank statements, ITRs, etc.
  9. See detailed list below

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Bulgaria Visa for Indians?
  3. When to Apply for a Bulgaria Visa from India?
  4. Bulgaria Visa Requirements for Indians
  5. Bulgaria Visa Photo Requirements for Indians
  6. Application Process for Bulgaria Visa for Indians
  7. Bulgaria Visa Fees for Indians
  8. Bulgaria Visa Processing Time for Indians
  9. How to Track Bulgaria Visa Application Status for Indians
  10. Bulgaria Visa Application Tips for Indians
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs


Can you not take Plodiv’s amphitheatre or Bansko’s stunning Pirin Mountains out of your mind? Dreaming of Bulgaria as your next travel destination? But does the visa process make you apprehensive? 

Navigating your way through the Bulgaria visa application may seem daunting. So we present this comprehensive guide on Bulgaria visa for Indians to simplify every aspect of the process. Learn about Bulgaria visa types, essential documents, the application process, visa fees, and more. 

Bulgaria’s captivating Black Sea Coast and picturesque villages are waiting for you. Read on!

Do Indians Need a Visa for Bulgaria?

Ordinary Indian passport holders need to apply for a Schengen visa if they plan to visit Bulgaria for tourism, business, or other purposes. Bulgaria signed the Schengen Agreement on 31st March 2024.

Schengen Visa Policy Update

Great news for Indian travellers planning to visit Schengen countries! The Schengen visa policy has been updated to benefit frequent travellers. Now, if an Indian national has utilised two Schengen visas within the past three years, they are eligible to receive a two-year multiple-entry Schengen visa. Furthermore, upon the expiration of this two-year visa, applicants with valid passports would be able to obtain a five-year visa. This update offers greater convenience and flexibility to travellers, facilitating smoother and more frequent visits to Schengen countries.

Types of Bulgaria Visa for Indians?

For Indian citizens intending to visit Bulgaria, several types of Bulgaria visas are available depending on the purpose and duration of the visit. These include:

  1. Short-stay Schengen Visa (Type C): This visa allows for stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period in the Schengen Area, which includes Bulgaria. It is suitable for tourism, short business trips, family visits, medical treatment, or participation in short-term events or conferences.
  2. Long-Term Visa (Type D): This visa is for longer stays in Bulgaria exceeding 90 days, such as for employment, study, family reunification, or other long-term purposes. Applicants applying for a Long Term Visa don’t have to apply through VFS Global. They need to go directly to The Bulgarian Embassy/Consulate.
  3. Airport Transit Visa: This visa is required for Indian citizens who need to transit through a Schengen airport enroute to a non-Schengen destination and who will not leave the international transit area of the airport. This is also a kind of short-term visa.

When to Apply for a Bulgaria Visa from India?

Start your Bulgaria visa application process well ahead of your planned travel dates. The Bulgarian Embassy requires at least 15 days for processing. However, this timeframe can be extended to 60 days in some cases. So plan ahead and apply early to avoid delays.

A Schengen visa allows you entry into 29 Schengen Region countries. It can become confusing for applicants to know at which Schengen country Embassy they should apply for their visa. 

The below 3 points tell you all the times when you should be applying for your Schengen visa at the Bulgarian Embassy -

  1. When you plan to visit only Bulgaria in the entire Schengen Region: Apply at the Bulgarian Embassy if Bulgaria is your sole Schengen destination.
  2. Bulgaria serves as your primary point of entry in a multiple Schengen country tour: If you plan on visiting multiple Schengen countries with comparable lengths of stay (e.g., touring Bulgaria, France, and Italy), you need to initiate your visa application at the consulate of your initial entry country, which is Bulgaria in this case.
  3. When the primary purpose of the Schengen tour is a visit to Bulgaria: The primary purpose of your trip dictates at which Embassy you should be applying for your visa. In case of ambiguity, particularly when visiting multiple countries, submit your application to the embassy or consulate of your first entry point into the Schengen Region.

For example, You need to apply for your visa at the Bulgarian Consulate, if your primary purpose involves attending a conference in Bulgaria while exploring other Schengen countries.

Bulgaria Visa Requirements for Indians

Below is the list of all documents required for applying for a Bulgaria visa

Visa Application Form

  • Completed and signed by the applicant. 
  • In case of minors, it should be signed by parent(s)/guardian(s)


  • Copy of current passport
  • Issued within the last 10 years.
  • Should be valid for at least 3 months after the intended return.
  • Must have at least 2 blank pages (back-to-back)
  • Original previous passports or proof of loss

1 Recent Colour Photograph

  • Light background.
  • Dimensions:  3.5cm x 4.5cm.  
  • Face should occupy 70-80% of the photo.
  • Photos not allowed - dark glasses; hat or other head covering unless worn for religious reasons; non-professional photos or cut out of amateur photos.

Travel Health Insurance

  • Minimum coverage of € 30,000.
  • Must remain valid during the entire stay in Schengen territory. 
  • Applicants with multiple entry visas shall prove that they have adequate travel insurance covering the period of their first intended visit. They shall sign a statement, declaring that they’re aware to own travel medical insurance for subsequent stays.

Cover Letter

  • Explain the purpose of your trip.
  • Give a detailed travel itinerary.

Travel Itinerary

Complete itinerary for your travel plans within Bulgaria and other Schengen countries.

Proof of Accommodation

  • Hotel booking reservation, or
  • Any other accommodation in the applicant’s name, or
  • Real estate title deed lease, or
  • Proof of ownership or lease of a boat/yacht, etc. (if any)

Flight Reservation

  • Roundtrip flight reservation.
  • If travelling to a third country, then proof of itinerary there (travel ticket, etc.)

Proof of Sufficient Funds

  • Bank Statement (3 months)- savings and current account (if applicable).
  • Personal & company’s (if applicable) Income Tax Returns (3 years).
  • ITR-V for the last 3 years

Supporting Documents

If Employed

  • Employer NOC - On the company’s official letterhead, establishing the position of the employee in the company, years of service, and grant of leave. 
  • Last 3 months' pay slips.

If Self-Employed

  • Visa request letter on official letterhead with company registration papers. 
  • Certificate of Registration of the company.
  • Income Tax Return of the company (last 3 years)

If a Student

  • Letter from school/university for grant of leave.
  • Copy of the valid ID

If a Minor

  • Birth certificate of the minor (if parents are legal guardians).
  • Decision of the competent body appointing the legal guardian.
  • If a minor is travelling without a parent/legal guardian - notarized consent of both parents or legal guardians containing personal information of the parents/legal guardians, the purpose, period, and length of stay in Bulgaria, and the period for which the consent is issued. Copy of ID document of both parents/guardians.
  • If a minor is travelling with one parent - notarized consent of the other parent, except in cases of the parent having sole custody or guardianship - the proof of which should be attached.

Additional Documents Required for Business Visa

Invitation or Declaration of Business Visit

  • The Invitation - Declaration by a natural person or legal entity for issuing a short-stay visa for business relations.
  • Signed and stamped by the inviting person, certified by a Notary Public and by the bodies for administrative control of foreigners -Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria

For accompanying spouse/children

Tourist visa process to be followed

Bulgaria Visa Photo Requirements for Indians

Application Process for Bulgaria Visa for Indians

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for Bulgarian visa for Indians through VFS Global-

Step 1: Identify Your Visa Type

The first step is to determine the right visa for your trip. Travellers usually need a short-term, Schengen-type ‘C’ visa or ‘tourist visa’ to visit Bulgaria. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, and know your documentation requirements, the fee, etc. Also, make sure all your documents are in English. 

Step 2: Fill out Your Visa Application Form

Fill out the Bulgaria Visa Application Form. Collect all the documents required to support your visa application form. The next step would be to book an appointment at the visa application centre to submit these documents and complete the visa application form. 

Step 3: Book Your Appointment for Application Submission

Schedule an appointment at the Bulgaria VFS Visa Application Centre to submit your application. You need to apply in person (this includes babies and children). If you’re travelling in a group, you need to book an individual appointment for each group member. You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment upon successfully scheduling your appointment.

VFS Visa Application Centre for Bulgaria in India

LocationDayOpening hours


Monday to Friday

09:00 - 13:00


Monday to Friday

09:00 - 14:00


Monday to Friday

09:00 - 15:00


Monday to Friday

08:00 - 15:00


Monday to Friday

08:00 - 15:00


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

09:00 - 13:00


Monday to Friday

08:00 - 15:00


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

09:00 - 13:00


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

09:00 - 13:00


Monday to Friday

09:00 - 13:00


Monday to Friday

09.00 to 14.00


Monday to Friday

08:00 - 15:00


Monday to Friday

08:00 - 15:00


Monday to Friday

08:00 - 14:00

Step 4: Pay Your Fees

It’s time to pay your visa application fee. A Bulgarian visa costs around € 80 for people above 12 years of age. VFS has additional charges for their services. If you download the form to print and bring to the Visa Application Centre, payment will be made at the time of your appointment.

You can pay the visa fee at the visa application centre.

Step 5: Visit the Visa Application Centre

Submit your printed application form and documents at the VFS Visa Application Centre in person. Also, pay the fee (if not paid online). During the appointment, the VFS authorities will also collect your biometrics (fingerprints and a digital live photograph).

Step 6: Collect Your Documents Back 

Once the visa authorities have decided on your visa application, you can collect your documents back from them. You can either collect the documents in person or avail of their courier services at an additional price. 

You will need the Original ICR & Copy of Govt ID Proof for collecting your documents in person.

Your immediate family members (i.e. parents, children, siblings, or spouse) and Representatives of a company can also collect the documents on your behalf. 

Third parties need to carry the following documents-

  • Photocopy of Govt. ID card of all applicants
  • Original ICR
  • Authorization Letter from the applicant. In the case of a company representative, the letter needs to be on the letterhead of the company and the representative should also carry their official ID card.

In case an applicant loses their ICR, they need to come in person for the collection of their passport from the counter.

Bulgaria Embassy in India

CityContact Details

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, New Delhi

16/17 Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Bulgarian Honorary Consulate, Kolkata

VISA House, 8/10 Alipore Road, Kolkata 700027

Bulgarian Honorary Consulate, Hyderabad

50-B, Journalist Colony, Near Apollo Cross, Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 096

Bulgarian Honorary Consulate, Mumbai

Samruddha Resources Limited ,6th Floor, ‘A’ Block, Shivsagar Estate, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018

The visa applicant on a first trip to the Bulgaria / Schengen area must submit his/her application in person. For the next trips to Bulgaria, the applications can be submitted by a representative.

Bulgaria Visa Fees for Indians

Applicant AgeFee TypeAmount

12 + years

Visa Fees

₹ 7,600 (€ 80)

VFS Logistics

₹ 2,070

Below 12 Years

Visa Fee


  • The Bulgaria visa fees for Indians are non-refundable and subject to change based on additional factors such as foreign exchange fluctuations, courier & SMS facilities, etc. 
  • The Visa fee amounting to ₹ 7,600 can only be paid through Demand Draft (DD) in the name of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Effective June 11, 2024, the visa fee for those above 12 years will rise to € 90 or ~₹8,200.


Fee TypeAmount

Optional Courier Fee

₹ 720

Optional SMS Service Charges

₹ 360

Optional Premium Lounge

₹ 3,060

Optional Courier Assurance

₹ 900

Bulgaria Visa Processing Time for Indians

The Bulgarian authorities can take roughly 15 working days to process  your Bulgaria visa application from the day it reaches them. Do note that this time frame typically excludes the date of submission of the application form. Also, this isn’t a rigid timeframe. The authorities may take more than 15 days in some cases such as during peak travel season or when further scrutiny of the application is required, in which case this time can be extended all the way up to 60 calendar days.  

How to Track Bulgaria Visa Application Status for Indians

In 5 steps, you can check Bulgaria visa for Indians application status through VFS Global -

  1. Access the VFS online application tracking page for Bulgarian visas.
  2. Enter the Application Reference Number. You’ll find this number on the invoice/receipt issued by your Visa Application Centre.
  3. Input your last name.
  4. Enter Captcha. 
  5. Click on ‘Submit’.

Checking the Status of Bulgaria Visa for Indians

You can also write to the VFS office of application or to for visa status queries. But this will be responded to only after the Bulgaria visa processing time is over, i.e., 15 days after application submission.

Bulgaria Visa Application Tips for Indians

Here are some tips for you if you’re applying for a Bulgaria visa from India-

  1. Plan in Advance: Don’t wait for the eleventh hour - start your Bulgaria visa application process well ahead of your planned travel dates. The Bulgarian Embassy requires at least 15 days for processing, so apply early to avoid delays.
  2. Complete the Application Form Accurately: Complete your visa application form accurately and honestly. The Bulgarian Embassy can reject your present and all future visa applications upon submitting them with incorrect or misleading information. 
  3. Provide Clear Purpose of Visit: Clearly state your purpose of visit. Provide details about your itinerary, including places you plan to visit, activities you intend to do, and duration of stay. Not being able to convincingly explain the reason for your visit and its consistency with your planned activities might arouse suspicion. 
  4. Show Proof of Financial Means: Show that you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Bulgaria. Provide bank statements, income tax returns, or any other evidence of your financial stability. In addition to travel medical insurance with a coverage of € 30,000, Indians need to demonstrate sufficient financial stability to sustain their stay in Bulgaria. This would mean a minimum of € 50 per day of the stay or their equivalent in another convertible currency but at least € 500 or their equivalent in another convertible currency, or a document of prepaid tourist services when applying for your Bulgaria tourist visa.
  5. Travel Medical Insurance: Travel Insurance is mandatory for Schengen visas. Make sure the coverage includes medical expenses and repatriation for the entire duration of your trip in the Schengen region.
  6. Maintain a Clean Travel Record: Make sure you never overstay your visa in any country. A history of overstaying visas in other countries could be seen as a red flag, suggesting a risk of not adhering to Bulgaria’s visa regulations.


Securing a Bulgarian visa may seem difficult, but with the right guidance and preparation, it becomes pretty straightforward. 

Our comprehensive Bulgaria visa guide navigates you through each application stage, from document collection to scheduling your VFS Centre appointment.

Now that you know what to expect and how to prepare, you're all set to turn your Bulgarian holiday dreams into reality. 

Wishing you safe travels!