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New Zealand Transit Visa: Requirements, Application Process And Tips

Last Update: 27-04-2024

⚡Quick Summary

Is a transit visa required for Indians transiting through New Zealand?

Yes, Indian citizens transiting through New Zealand must obtain a transit visa permitting a maximum 24-hour stay.

New Zealand transit visa Processing time for Indians

2 Weeks

New Zealand transit visa price

INR 11,075/-

New Zealand transit visa stay duration

Up to 24 hours

How to apply for a New Zealand transit visa

Apply Offline through VFS Global visa application centre.

Documents required for New Zealand transit visa

  1. Onward Flight tickets.
  2. Travel Itinerary and arrangements.
  3. Statement detailing the reasons for your travel to your destination country.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Who Needs a New Zealand Transit Visa?
  3. Eligibility Criteria for a New Zealand Transit Visa
  4. Required Documents for a New Zealand Transit Visa Application
  5. Step by Step Application Process for New Zealand Transit Visa
  6. New Zealand Transit Processing Time and Fees
  7. New Zealand Transit Visa Exemptions
  8. Restriction on New Zealand Transit Visa
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on obtaining a New Zealand Transit Visa for Indian passport holders. Navigating through the transit process can be complex, but we're here to simplify it for you. 

In this blog, we'll cover everything you need to know about New Zealand transit visas, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, step-by-step application process, processing times, fees, exemptions, restrictions, and additional resources. 

Whether you're planning a short layover or passing through Auckland International Airport, our guide will help you understand the visa requirements and ensure a smooth transit experience. 

Let's dive in and make your journey hassle-free!

Who Needs a New Zealand Transit Visa?

Indian passport holders passing through New Zealand will require a Transit Visa, unless they're travelling to Australia, originating from a visa waiver country, or departing from a transit visa waiver country.


You can only transit New Zealand through Auckland International Airport

Eligibility Criteria for a New Zealand Transit Visa

If you're passing through Auckland International Airport en route to another destination without intending to stay, you are considered a transit passenger. 

As a transit passenger, you're permitted to travel solely through Auckland International Airport, where you must remain within the airport's transit area or aboard your aircraft. Typically, transit time in New Zealand should be less than 24 hours.

As a transit passenger, entry into New Zealand is not permitted.

Travel to Other Countries:

To transit through Auckland International Airport in New Zealand, you must:

  • Qualify under one of the categories or exceptions exempting you from needing an NZeTA or transit visa.
  • Hold an NZeTA if permitted for transit.
  • Hold a transit visa if required.


Transit regulations can change rapidly, thus it's your responsibility to ensure you meet the transit requirements for New Zealand and any other countries on your itinerary. Failure to do so may result in being denied boarding.

Required Documents for a New Zealand Transit Visa Application

Here's what you need to provide for New Zealand transit visa:

  1. Evidence of your travel arrangements, including an itinerary confirming your arrival and departure times from New Zealand.
  2. A statement detailing the reasons for your travel to your destination country.

For onward travel:

  1. You must possess a ticket demonstrating your departure from New Zealand.
  2. You should have travel tickets indicating your transit through New Zealand to a country where you have the right to enter.

For your family to be eligible for this visa:

  1. They need to provide evidence of their identity.
  2. They must demonstrate good character.
  3. Their intention should be limited to travelling through New Zealand as transit passengers.
  4. They must possess tickets confirming their departure from New Zealand.

Step by Step Application Process for New Zealand Transit Visa


New Zealand Transit visa application are only processed offline via the VFS Global visa application centres in India

Apply for New Zealand Transit Visa Offline Through VFS Global

Step 1: Determine Visa Type

Start by identifying the appropriate visa type for your trip and check your eligibility. Understand the required documents, processing time, and fees associated with your visa application.

Ensure compliance with the specific requirements for your visa category. If your documents are not in English, consider getting translations before applying.

Step 2: Initiate Application

Once prepared, visit the Immigration New Zealand website to begin your visa application online. 

Alternatively, download the application form, complete it, and bring it along with the necessary supporting documents to the Visa Application Centre for submission. 

Applications can be submitted in person, through an authorised representative, or via mail.

Step 3: Schedule Appointment

After applying for your visa, book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre to submit your application. 

Alternatively, you can send your application through courier/mail to the designated NZVAC address


Each member of a family or group must book individual appointments. No walk-ins are permitted for the safety of all applicants.

Step 4: Payment

Payment can be using a demand draft or credit card during the application process or at the Visa Application Centre during your appointment. 

Step 5: Application Submission

Submit your completed visa application form at the Visa Application Centre in person or through an authorised representative.

Step 6: Track Application

Stay updated on the progress of your application by monitoring your email for notifications from Immigration New Zealand. Some Visa Application Centres may offer SMS updates for courier tracking. Check for availability at your chosen centre.

Step 7: Document Collection

Once your visa application is processed, collect your documents from the Visa Application Centre. Your documents may be handed back to you directly or returned via courier, depending on the centre's procedures.

New Zealand Transit Processing Time and Fees

Visa TypeProcessing TimeFees

Transit Visa

80% processed within 2 weeks

INR 9,450/- (Application cost) and INR 1,625/- (VAC service fees)

New Zealand Transit Visa Exemptions

Exemptions from requiring a New Zealand transit visa include:

  1. Travelling to Australia via New Zealand
  2. Passport from a visa waiver country.
  3. Remaining within the transit area for up to 24 hours without exiting.

Restriction on New Zealand Transit Visa

Restrictions on the New Zealand Transit Visa include:

  1. Transit is limited to Auckland International Airport only.
  2. Travellers from visa waiver countries must obtain an NZeTA before their journey.
  3. Passage is permitted within the transit area for a maximum of 24 hours without leaving.


In conclusion, obtaining a New Zealand transit visa is essential for Indian passport holders transiting through New Zealand Airport. By following the outlined requirements and application process, travellers can ensure a smooth transit experience. 

Remember to check for exemptions and restrictions to determine if you need a visa, and be aware of the New Zealand transit processing time and fees involved. 

It's crucial to plan your transit carefully and stay informed about any changes in transit regulations to avoid inconvenience. With proper preparation and adherence to guidelines, travellers can transit through New Zealand seamlessly and continue their journey to their final destination. Safe travels!