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Check Your Ireland Visa Status With Ease: Simple Guide

Last Update: 29-05-2024

Ireland Visa Status

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How to check Ireland visa application status

How to check Ireland visa application status

  1. Check the status using the Ireland Government decision list.
  2. Check the status through the VFS Global tracking tool.
Processing time for Ireland Visa

Processing time for Ireland Visa

  • Visit: 25 working days
  • Business/Conference/Event: 10 working days
  • Employment: 10 working days
  • Study: 25 working days
How to apply for a Ireland visa

How to apply for a Ireland visa

Apply through VFS Global visa application centres in India.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Purpose of Ireland Visa Status Check?
  3. How to Check Your Ireland Visa Status Online
  4. Common Issues When Checking Ireland Visa Status
  5. Ireland Visa Status: Processing Times and Delays
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs


Applying for an Ireland visa involves several steps, and keeping track of your application's status is crucial for a smooth travel preparation experience.

Whether you're planning a vacation, attending a conference, or moving for work, understanding how to monitor your visa status can alleviate much of the uncertainty and stress associated with the process.

This guide will explore the various methods available for checking the status of your Ireland visa application, highlight common issues you might encounter, and provide practical tips to help you manage and expedite your application effectively.

By staying informed every step of the way, you can ensure that you're well-prepared for your upcoming trip to Ireland.

What is the Purpose of Ireland Visa Status Check?

Checking the Ireland visa status helps you stay updated on where things stand with your visa process. Here’s why it’s really useful:

  1. Stay Informed: It keeps you in the loop about your application, so you’re not left wondering what’s happening.
  2. Plan Better: Knowing your visa status helps you plan your trip more effectively. You can sort out your travel dates, book flights, and arrange accommodation accordingly.
  3. Less Stress: Applying for a visa can be stressful because it feels like a lot of waiting around. Being able to check your status anytime can ease that stress, as you’re not left in the dark.
  4. Be Prepared: If the visa office needs more documents from you or there’s something you need to fix in your application, checking your status lets you know what’s needed so you can act quickly.
  5. Deal with Delays: If there’s a delay or if your visa application is rejected, knowing this as soon as possible helps you figure out what to do next, whether that’s making an appeal or adjusting your plans.

Overall, Ireland visa status check  gives you more control and peace of mind as you prepare for your journey.

How to Check Your Ireland Visa Status Online

You have a couple of convenient options to Ireland visa status check online:

Option 1: Through VFS Global

  • Email and SMS Updates: Once your visa decision has been made, you'll receive an email update. For those who prefer mobile updates or need more detailed information, SMS updates may be available. Check with the specific Visa Application Center you used to see if this service is offered.
  • Online Tracking: Visit the VFS Global website and use the Reference Number provided on your invoice/receipt along with your last name to track your visa application online. This service allows you to see real-time updates on the status of your application.

Option 2: Through the Irish Government Portal

  • Decision Lists: The Irish Immigration Service regularly uploads a list of visa decisions on their official portal. These lists are updated every Tuesday and Friday morning and include all decisions made up to the date prior to each upload.
  • How to Find Your Decision: Open the latest report, use the 'Ctrl + F' shortcut to open the find function, and enter your eight-digit visa application reference number to see your visa outcome.

These methods provide a clear, direct way to monitor the progress of your Ireland visa application, ensuring you're informed every step of the way.

Common Issues When Checking Ireland Visa Status

Checking the Ireland visa status can sometimes present challenges. Here are some common issues you might encounter and tips on how to address them:

Website Downtime or Maintenance

  • Issue: The Ireland visa status tracking website, whether it's VFS Global or the Irish Government’s visa decision portal, may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance.
  • Solution: Wait for some time and try accessing the site again. These maintenance periods are usually short-lived. Check the website for any maintenance announcements that might indicate when the service will be available again.

Incorrect Entry of Details

  • Issue: Input errors when entering your reference number or name can prevent you from accessing your visa status.
  • Solution: Double-check the details you're entering for accuracy. Ensure that you are entering them in the correct format as outlined on the website.

Delayed Updates

  • Issue: Sometimes, there might be a delay in the update of your visa status on the online platforms.
  • Solution: If your visa status has not been updated for an unusually long time, consider contacting the Visa Application Centre or the Irish Immigration Service directly for clarification.

Accessibility Issues

  • Issue: Finding the exact location of visa decision updates on the government portal can be confusing.
  • Solution: Familiarise yourself with the navigation and layout of the website in advance. Using the 'Ctrl + F' function to search your reference number can help locate your decision quickly on the decision list document.

By anticipating these issues and knowing how to address them, you can ensure a smoother process in monitoring the progress of your Ireland visa application. If persistent problems occur, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the visa application support for assistance.

Ireland Visa Status: Processing Times and Delays

When planning to apply for an Irish visa, it's crucial to consider the processing times, which represent the median duration needed to process applications. These times vary by visa category and do not account for the time needed to schedule a VFS appointment or the transit time for documents to and from VFS. It's important to book your Ireland visa appointment well in advance to avoid delays. To minimise the risk of delays affecting your travel plans, it is advisable to apply for your visa six to eight weeks before your intended travel date.

Median Processing Times for Ireland Visas

  • Visit: 25 working days
  • Business/Conference/Event: 10 working days
  • Employment - Critical Skills Permit: 10 working days
  • Employment - General/Other Permit: 35 working days
  • Join Family: 35 working days
  • Study: 25 working days
  • Other Categories: 25 working days
  • Appeals: Approximately 40 working days

Priority Processing

In cases of genuine medical emergencies, priority processing can be requested with supporting documentation from an Irish medical authority. Without the required documentation, requests for priority processing will be disregarded.

If Processing Time Exceeds Expectations

If your application takes longer than the stated times, it may be undergoing an in-depth review due to reasons such as verification delays or issues with biometrics or documentation. This extended review can take additional weeks to resolve.

VFS Transit Times

The processing timeline starts once the application is received at the Embassy. Transit times vary based on the Visa Application Centre used:

  • Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune: 2 working days
  • Cochin, Kathmandu: 4 to 6 working days

Add these transit times to the visa processing period to estimate the total time until a decision is made.


Navigating the process of checking your Ireland visa status doesn't have to be daunting. With the right tools and knowledge, you can effectively monitor your application and respond promptly to any requirements or issues that may arise.

By utilising online platforms like VFS Global or the Irish Government's official portal, you can receive real-time updates and maintain control over your travel plans.

Remember, being proactive and staying informed are key to ensuring that your journey to obtaining an Ireland visa is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Whether you're waiting on a decision or need to address an error in your application, knowing how to check and manage your visa status is an invaluable part of your travel preparations.