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Unlocking Belgium Visa For Indians: A Complete Guide

Last Update: 21-05-2024

Belgium Visa For Indians

⚡Quick Summary

Is a visa required for Belgium?

Is a visa required for Belgium?

Yes, all Indian passport holders require a visa to visit Belgium

Belgium visa processing time

Belgium visa processing time

15 to 30 Working Days

Belgium visa fees

Belgium visa fees

  1. Schengen Visa Fees: ₹ 7,352 (€ 80)
  2. National Visa Fees: ₹ 16,542 (€ 180)
Belgium visa validity

Belgium visa validity

  1. Schengen Visa: 180 Days
  2. National Visa: Up to 1 Year
Belgium visa stay duration

Belgium visa stay duration

90 Days

How to apply for a Belgium visa

How to apply for a Belgium visa

Through the VFS visa application centres in India

Documents required for Belgium visa

Documents required for Belgium visa

  1. Passport
  2. Photograph
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Travel Itinerary
  5. Insurance Proof
  6. Residence Proof
  7. Visa Application Form
  8. Flight and Hotel Bookings
  9. See the detailed list in the blog below

Do Indians Need a Belgium Visa?

Yes, Indian citizens need a visa to visit Belgium. Belgium is one of the European countries forming the Schengen Area which has no border controls. These countries issue a common visa between them, called the Schengen visa which allows for a stay of up to 90 days in the Schengen region within a period of 180 days. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Belgium Visas for Indians
  3. What are the Belgium Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?
  4. How to Apply for a Belgium Visa for Indian Citizens?
  5. Belgium Visa Fees for Indian Citizens
  6. What is the Processing Time for a Belgium Visa for Indians?
  7. Validity of Belgium Visa for Indians
  8. Reasons for Belgium Visa Rejection for Indians
  9. Significance of Travel Insurance for Belgium Visas for Indians
  10. What to do After Reaching Belgium Airport?
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs


Are you considering Belgium as your next travel destination? In this comprehensive blog, we provide a detailed guide on how to obtain your Belgium visa for Indians. We cover all aspects, including documentation, application procedures, visa fees, types, and validity.

Navigate through the sections using the navigation bar to find the information you need. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 073148 52914 or simply WhatsApp us. Our visa experts at Teleport are always available to help you.

On to Belgium without worrying about visas!

Types of Belgium Visas for Indians

Visa TypePurposeValidity

Short-Stay Schengen Visa (Type C)

Tourism, business, family visits, or other short-term purposes.

Allows stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Can be issued as single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry.

Long-Stay Visa (Type D)

Long-term stays for purposes such as employment, studies, or family reunification.

Valid for stays exceeding 90 days. Initial visa is usually valid for 6 months, with a residence permit required upon arrival for longer stays.

Transit Visa (Type A)

Airport transit for travellers passing through the international transit area of a Belgian airport.

Valid only for the duration of the airport transit.

Business Visa

Short-term business activities such as attending meetings, conferences, or training sessions.

Typically falls under the Short-Stay Schengen Visa (Type C), allowing stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Student Visa

Long-term study programs in Belgium.

Initially valid for the duration of the study program but usually requires a residence permit upon arrival, valid for the length of the study period.

Work Visa

Employment in Belgium.

Initial visa is valid for 6 months, after which a residence permit must be obtained, usually valid for the duration of the employment contract.

What are the Belgium Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens? 

National Passport

Must be valid for at least three months beyond the planned journey and have at least two blank pages.

Application Form

Completed and signed application form with one recent colour photograph (5x3 cm) on a white background, glued to the form.

Passport Copies

Photocopy of the identity page of your passport and a copy of the most recent Schengen visa with entry and exit stamps.

Travel Itinerary

A comprehensive itinerary detailing your planned activities and destinations during the trip.

Hotel Reservation

Proof of hotel booking covering the entire stay in Belgium and any other Schengen countries you plan to visit.

Proof of Employment or Studies

  • Documentation verifying your current employment or studies, such as:
  • A letter from your employer stating your income and approved vacation days,
  • A copy of your registration in the commerce register or as a business partner, or
  • A certificate from your educational institution indicating permitted vacation days (if you are a student).

Financial Means

  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay, which may include:
  • An updated passbook copy,
  • Recent three-month bank statement,
  • Income tax documents,
  • Salary slips.

Parental Consent for Minors

For minors travelling with one parent or alone, a notary affidavit mentioning the consent of both parents, duly apostilled, must be submitted.

Travel Insurance

A copy of travel insurance valid in Belgium and other Schengen countries, with a minimum coverage of €30,000 or its equivalent in Indian Rupees, covering medical emergencies and repatriation.

Flight Reservation

Proof of round-trip flight booking or itinerary.

How to Apply for a Belgium Visa for Indian Citizens?

Here is the step-by-step process to help you apply for a Belgium visa through VFS Global-

Step 1: Understand the Overall Visa Process

First, determine the type of Belgium visa you need and check your eligibility for the visa. Understand the overall application process - document requirements, fees to be paid, etc. Gather your documents and make sure your documents are in English. Refer to the section above for a comprehensive list of documentation required. 

Step 2: Get Started With Your Belgium Visa Application

Download the Belgium visa application form, complete it, print it, and take it with you to the Visa Application Centre along with all the required documents. 


Your visa application form created electronically is valid for 30 days. If during this time, you don’t schedule an appointment and visit the Visa Application Center to confirm your application, your visa application form will be deleted.

Step 3: Book Your Visa Appointment 

After filling out the Belgium visa application form, you need to book an appointment at the VFS Application Centre which will collect your biometric information - mainly, fingerprints and photo. You’ll receive an appointment confirmation email and a letter of appointment from the Visa Application Centre upon successfully booking your appointment.

Remember to book Belgium visa appointments individually for each group or family member if you are part of a group or family.

Belgium Consulate/Embassy in IndiaStates/Territories Covered

Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai

Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Puducherry

Embassy of Belgium, New Delhi

Assam, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar and Chandigarh

Step 4: Pay Visa Fees

It’s time to pay your visa application fee. If you download the form, print it, and bring it to the Visa Application Centre, you will need to pay during your appointment.

Step 5: Visit the Visa Application Centre

Submit your printed application form, required documents, and fee at the VFS Visa Application Centre in person. 

VFS Visa Application Centres for Belgium

LocationOperating Hours (Mon - Fri)


08:00- 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


Temporarily Closed


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 15:00

New Delhi

08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


Temporarily Closed

Step 6: Track Your Application

You can use the VFS online application tracking tool to check the status of your application. To know about this in detail refer to our section, ‘How to Check the Status of a Belgium Visa Application for Indians?’ You will also receive an email when the Belgium Consulate decides on your visa application.

Step 7: Collect Your Passport and Other Documents

Once the visa authorities have decided on your visa application, you can collect your documents back from the Visa Application Centre or get them couriered to you at an additional fee. 

The following people can collect submitted documents from the Visa Application Centre:

  1. Applicant herself, 
  2. Immediate family members (parents, children, spouse),
  3. Individuals authorised to collect passports on behalf of government officials, with authorization on official government letterhead or department correspondence,
  4. Representatives of companies, provided they possess an authorization letter on the company's letterhead and an official company identification card.

People collecting the documents on behalf of the applicant should carry the following documents:

  • Original Government ID card,
  • The original ICR (Invoice cum Receipt) document,
  • An authorization letter from the applicant.

Belgium Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

  • If you are planning to visit Belgium for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a long-stay visa (D Visa).
  • If you are planning a short visit to Belgium for up to 90 days or less, you may need to apply for a Schengen visa (C Visa).

The visa fee to be paid for Belgium visa for Indian citizens is as follows

Visa TypeFee TypeAmount

Short-Term Visa for Adults (Schengen Visa or C Visa)

Visa Fees

₹ 7,352 (€ 80)

VFS Service Fees

₹ 2,263

Short-Term Visa for Children Between 6 - 12 Years (Schengen Visa or C Visa)

Visa Fees

₹ 3,676 (€ 40)

VFS Service Fees

₹ 2,263

For Children Below 6 Years (Schengen Visa or C Visa)

Visa Fee


Long-Term Visa (D Visa)

Visa Fee

₹ 16,542 (€ 180)

VFS Service Fees

₹ 2,263

This fee is non-refundable and subject to change. Additional fees may apply depending on factors such as foreign exchange fluctuations, expedited processing service, or courier delivery if availed.

What is the Processing Time for a Belgium Visa for Indians?

The Belgium Consulate can take up to 15 working days from the submission date to process your visa application. The deadline may be extended to 30 to 60 days in exceptional cases.


Teleport Expert Tip

Start your Belgium visa application process up to 3 months before your intended travel date. Remember applications can be lodged 6 months in advance of the intended travel date.

Validity of Belgium Visa for Indians

Short-Stay Schengen Visa (Type C): 

  • Purpose: Tourism, business, family visits, or other short-term purposes.
  • Validity: Allows stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. It can be a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visa.
  • Multiple Entry: Allows multiple entries within the validity period, provided the total stay does not exceed 90 days within 180 days.

Long-Stay Visa (Type D): 

  • Purpose: Long-term stays for purposes such as employment, studies, or family reunification.
  • Validity: Generally valid for stays exceeding 90 days. The initial visa is usually valid for 6 months, and upon arrival in Belgium, you must register with the local authorities to obtain a residence permit for longer stays.

Reasons for Belgium Visa Rejection for Indians

Knowing what could lead to denial can strengthen your application when applying for a Belgium visa. Here are some important factors to be aware of while applying for a Belgium visa for Indians:

  1. Lack of Proper Documentation: All documents for a Belgium tourist visa from India should be authentic, complete, and satisfactory. Submitting incorrect or misleading information can cause your visa application to be rejected immediately. It may even lead to potential bans on future applications. 
  2. Lack of Funds: Inadequate proof of financial stability can show your inability to cover your expenses in Belgium and can lead to visa rejection.
  3.  Weak Ties to India: Belgium authorities may question your intentions to return to India, if you cannot demonstrate strong ties, such as family, property, or employment in India. This can become a strong reason for visa rejection by Belgium authorities.
  4. Questionable Travel Record: A history of overstaying visas in other countries is a big red flag, suggesting a risk of not adhering to Belgium’s visa regulations.
  5. Intentions Under Scrutiny: Expressing plans to work on a visa that doesn't allow employment could result in denial. Not being able to explain the reason for your visit and its consistency with your planned activities might arouse suspicion. 

Teleport Expert Tip:

We recommend a minimum bank balance of ₹ 3,00,000 per Belgium visa applicant.

Significance of Travel Insurance for Belgium Visas for Indians

It is mandatory to have travel medical insurance when visiting Belgium. Here are the salient features of insurance for your Belgium trip - 

  • The insurance for all Schengen countries, including Belgium,  should have a coverage of at least 30,000 Euros.
  • It should cover for all risks e.g. accident, illness, medical emergency evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains etc. 
  • The policy has to specify the period of validity and has to cover the entire duration of the trip including the date of arrival and departure. 
  • Consider policies from well-known insurance companies such as Tata AIG, Digit Insurance, and HDFC Ergo that meet your travel needs and financial plan. Please click on the following link for the approved list of insurance companies in India.

What to do After Reaching Belgium Airport?

When you arrive at a Belgium's airport, here are key points visitors should keep in mind:

  1. Prepare your travel documents: Ensure you have your passport, valid Belgium visa (if applicable), return flight ticket, and accommodation confirmations at hand. This streamlines the immigration process.
  2. Advice for minors: Minors travelling alone should remain with the airline staff assigned to them for security. Upon landing, locate the pre-arranged adult who will meet you, ensuring a seamless arrival.
  3. Familiarise yourself with Belgium's regulations: Head to the customs area if you need to declare items or if your baggage requires inspection. Understanding the customs rules at Belgian airports is crucial to prevent any complications.


Securing Belgium visas can seem challenging. With this blog, we aim to simplify the process of obtaining a Belgium visa for Indians. 

The secret to a seamless visa application lies in meticulous planning and attention to detail. Now that you’re well-equipped with the right visa knowledge, you're all set to turn your Belgium holiday dreams into reality. 

Wishing you safe travels and unforgettable adventures in Belgium!